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SVX / general questions


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Hi All, I know the SVX is not general fair on the site, but some of my questions may apply across the Subaru range, so here goes.


I have found a car that fits my mechanical needs and the bodywork is something I can deal with but the interior is a bit rough so some things would need to be dealt with PDQ. The car is a 1993 build, though registered in 1995.


Steering wheel has seen much better days, there is another wheel with the car but it is non air-bag. Would it be possible to fit the earlier non air-bag wheel, or would and air-bagged wheel of another Subaru model work?


The ICE is a Kenwood radio/cassette head unit with a 6 CD changer in the boot. What I really want is DAB and MP3. Am I best to dump the old head and changer and  fit a new head unit that fits my needs, or should I try and keep the changer? The head unit is single DIN, but there is room for a double DIN.





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I would change the head unit to a better one but just keep the old one if you want to sell it on :) 

I would have thought a similar year would fit with the steering wheel. Subaru don't ever seem to walk off the path to much with the models. But that is only a guess hopefully one of the other members might have more knowledge than me on it :) 

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