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Impreza Turbo reverse light switch replacement, help!

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I'm not even sure if this is really the place for this topic, apologies if it's not the right area to post this in!


Hi all, after working intermittently for some time the reverse light switch in the gearbox has finally died, not good.


I've been trying to track one down from local factors to no avail.  

Looking on eBay, there's loads to fit the 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 non turbo models but when I do a parts compatibility check the switches for these cars are listed as unsuitable for my car :( (my car being a year 2000 UK turbo model.)


Does anyone know if the switches from the lesser models do indeed fit and work or are they different?


Finally, if anyone's got one that they don't need please let me know and I'll happily buy it from you!


Cheers all!

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I'd give import car parts a bell rather than looking on their site as not everythings listed (I couldn't find any on there )

If all else fails (and its compatible) I've got one on my old 97 uk 5 speed box but ,I wouldn't be able to get it in the post till Wednesday evening

have you checked the connection on the black and white plugs next to the clutch slave .they connect the reverse switch to the loom and the earth to the gearbox "dog bone " mount under the tmic

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Hi fella, thanks for the reply and apologies for taking my sweet time getting back to you!


Actually I'll have a poke around and see if the switch just needs adjusting or if a wire's damaged, after the previous owner's 'attempts' at doing things to it I want to make sure!


Thanks for the offer of the reverse light, if it does indeed turn out mine has karked it (likely) then I'll happily take it off you if you name your price! :)


Thanks again!

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