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Games with Gold

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Sorry if this has been started elsewhere but this needed to be shared!




it's finally coming to xbox one in june!!!


and we no longer HAVE to pay gold to be able to use netflix etc but who owns an xbox one and doesn't have gold? lol

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Not to mention 50% - 75% off top titles each month... think I read it's Forza 5 and Rise: Son of Rome that are first on the list to get a discount. The free games are Halo: Spartan Assault (Which I already have and is quite fun) and Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood.


Not a bad start really :) . The 360 ones got on my nerves because if it was something decent I usually owned it anyway! haha.

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if they are cheap, I'll try them. I've bought loads of games that are crap or I just don't like.


I loved far cry 3, and play blops2 now, ghosts is rubbish and not keen on Lara croft / assassins creed/ halo stuff either 

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