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Exhaust question.

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Basically I've come across a Prodrive exhaust for little money as mines !Removed!, thought it was blowing from a joint but it's actually rotting away!!

Question is this, it's from an RB5, can I fit just the catback sections straight onto my classic N/A wagon?

Thanks peeps!!

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don't think so, the wagon exhaust is longer, I think the end of the tail pipe will be under the bumper, don't know about the position of the hangers either


other thing, the n/a has a 2" exhaust, the turbo has 2.5", so it might need adapting to fit. also, you might lose torque due to reduced back pressure

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no probs


you might be ok with a std centre section and just with a turbo back box, it will sound better but you won't get the Subaru burble (the turbo has unequal length headers, n/a has equal length)

Something to think about then. I'm not too fussed about the burble tbh, this is a stopgap for the year until I can find a nice tidy Classic Wagon WRX STI v4-6.

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