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Rear ABS Ring


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I was driving my impreza one day and heard somthing clink from my O/S/R brake and then suddenly my ABS light came on so i got it back and plugged it in and it told me that it was a ABS sensor. Not too bad i thought but then i couple of days later the brakes were making a scuffing sound so i got it onto a ramp at my work and stripped my back brakes down to find that the pin that holds my handbrake shoes to my backing plate had snapped and it snapped my ABS ring into three bits, took a chunk out of the sensor and wrecked the fitting kit. So i am currently looking for the bits to sort it out but i cant seem to get an ABS ring anywhere i have looked everywhere i can think so i thought i would put a post on here and if somone could please help me out if the they know anywhere i can get a ABS ring



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Sorry to hear about this. Weird thing is this happened to my Subaru (when my brother first got it)... we went out on a drive and an almighty racket came from the rear, he limped it home, stripped it to find that the ABS ring had destroyed the mechanism in the drum. He ended up buying a complete new drum I believe. Could be wrong though, it was 3 years ago lol. Hope you get it sorted :)

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