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hatchback bov atmosphere

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Hey again lol. Installed the forge bov non recirculation. It seems to all fit and work well but after bov noise there is a pop/knock there was a plug that went into the recirculation hose but hose seems loose and separate from bov and seems to tap the bov itself on gear change. Are they suppose to just hang with plug in and flop around lol?

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Shouldn't need a remap  :wacko:

Is it the pipe that you blank off thats making it knock is that what you mean ? 

It does normally just sit under it without to much fuss I would check you have it all on tight enough and the bung is air tight try secure it so it's not floating around and see what happens but any pictures would be a great help :) 

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Gambit the bung in the end of recirculation pipe is tight but the pipe itself seems to move when the psshhhhhhh then tap if u get what I mean lol here we go i added some pics of the fitment how i can temp stop knocking. and some showing how loose it is. 





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The Bugeye I have I removed it all right back the blobeye the one I took the picture of to show you that, yeah most of the time they just hang there like old man testicales and I think a black tie wrap wouldn't be that noticeable but I like the Car OCD :D

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