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2003 Legacy GT PICS


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HI everyone,

                    Just posting some pics of my 280 BHP Legacy GT........It was imported from Japan in 2013 by TORQUE GT.


                     Can anyone let me know of a good Subaru tuner in the London area or a good mechanic as it has an occasional stumble under acceleration.


Thanks in advance to any replies with helpful information.......... as I don't get to check my computer that often!






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Thanks for your reply......I have not had it re-mapped.....although thinking about it..........I run it on Shell V power only.


Had a power run at Surrey Rolling Road 276.4 bhp........so the engine is ok.


Do you think I need a re-map for fuel?

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Very nice looking motor looks the business. I'd have a word with Scooby Pete he might know a few good people that way on for a garage. And we have a Tuner on here you can speak too about sending you a map that you do yourself. Or I would recommend Simon @  http://www.jollygreenmonster.com/store.html 

he will come to you and arguably the best in the UK  

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That's a lovely looking car. Torque GT do seem to get some clean ones in.

As long as you stick to 99 octane fuel it shouldn't need a remap. It's probably a sensor issue that comes and goes. It could be a simple as a knock sensor or a MAF needs cleaning. Best way to check is take it to a subaru specialist as I think that model can be plugged in to a machine.

I'm not sure about any in your area though.

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