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Car related things to watch over a rubbish rainy BH weekend...


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Hey all,


Soooo, what do you do when you can't get out on your car because the weather is super naff? you get a cup of tea on the go, a pile of biscuits and sit on youtube all day!  :lol:


If you've not watched any of these get on them today (though seeing as I think we're pretty much all petrol heads on here I doubt that!).


The MotorTrend channel has quite a few good bits and bobs, I particularly like 'Roadkill', those guys are funny.  'Chris Harris on cars' is also good.


Fast and Loud is worth a watch (Gas Monkey Garage), they've done some pretty cool cars. My favourite probably being the AMC Rambler surf wagon they did.


'Mighty Car Mods' is also pretty decent with lots of little how to type guides for various things, and one of the presenters owns a Subaru Liberty wagon with full STi running gear.  The two feature films they made are also more than worth a watch, 'Turbos and Temples' and 'Kei to the City'.  The soundtracks are also superb!


Finally, I've not watched it yet but a mate has been telling me I need to watch 'Street Outlaws', they own 'The Farmtruck', looks like what it says it is, but can do some crazy times down the quarter mile.











Click and enjoy while it pizzles down outside!  <_<

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I had a quick blast on Forza 5 and got mad with it because the car was just letting go when I was on a good lap so I've now raged quit :D 

But might have to youtube some videos to relax now :D 

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This is so funny as I have already seen all those vids on YouTube before lol I'm always on YouTube ,,on my xbox one listening to

Subarus through my sound system lol

Try looking up subie fest or stance nation

Massive festival in America for you got it subarus good watch and music

Also tere is a drift works japan video to ....

And fps Russia is good

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