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What's your setup?

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A little topic to talk about what you are gaming on, your layout... things like that :)  (may have been done already but couldn't find it)




On the left shelf I have my Xbox 360 with a HDMI running to my tv (screen on the right).


On the right shelf is my Xbox One, smame thing, HDMI to the tv


On the desk behind the screens is my PC with the following specs:


Windows 7 64bit




I5 clocked at 3.4GHZ

GeForce GTX 770


Brilliant PC and haven't had any trouble running anything so far :)


For sound I have "Soundstrom 2.1 Wireless Speaker System" and the bass is awesome. Either that or I use my Turtlebeach X07's.

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not got photo at the min but my setup is:


sharp aquos 60" 3D smart TV

Xbox one hooked up via HDMI

Virgin media V+ HD box via HDMI to Xbox one plus 3 spare HDMI's on TV for thing's like Laptop etc


will get a pic another time but that'll give you a rough idea of what i see when i play games etc

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my desk is a right mess at the moment. lol, books everywhere. Will give it a good tidy and get a photo taken.


But, whilst you wait, here is my PC.










CM Storm Trooper - Intel I7 2600 @3.4 - Asus P8Z68 V Pro - 16Gb
Kingston Hyper X Genesis 1600Mhz - 2X 2GB EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked SLI -
Corsair HX1050 - Noctua NH-D14 - 120GB Corsair Force GT SSD - 128 GB
Corsair Force GS SSD - 1TB WD Caviar Black - 2TB WD Caviar Green - Asus
DX - Lamptron FC 5 V3 - NZXT HUE LED Controller - Tritton Ax Pro - 2X
IIyama 24Inch - CM Storm Quickfire TK - Razer Imperator

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Absolute beast makes my i5-3570K Geforce 750 and a mere 8gig of ram but will boost that to 16 before long look crap :) 

And I've not put anything fancy on mine this time it's just in a case with fans doesn't look great to look at like some I've had :)

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nice one tom nice looking rig you've got there ;)


thanks bud, i wanted to build a full custom watercooled loop. Kinda wish i did. But needed best part of 600 quid to do it. Whilst i could have afforded it, I simply cannot justify it, when trying to save a deposit for a house. 


So the next build, will be in this case but fully watercooled, along with a triple screen setup.

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Watercooled amd corsair rig 8gb ram 6 core 2 gd graphics card 3 hdd one sdd and id love to tell you the rest but the guy i bought it off deleted his ebay account because he failed to mention the £1300 pc was actually faulty, so i removed the psu because it kept cutting out, and reinstalled it, and now its fine, only paid £500 for it and im guessing thats why, what a steal, and he cant complain because he deleted his account ^^

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