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Tried a bung today


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Tried an exhaust bung today assuming might just knock a few decibels of the jap can but whilst i think it appeared better with some back pressure couldnt ever live with the exhaust note

maybe that cracking n popping on over run needs to stay hence bung taken out and forgotten about forever

Any one any input on bungs ?

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I only use one when we go on holiday, like 3 hours down to Brighton or 4 hours to Newquay. it just makes the journey more bearable for the kids, but I take it out when we get there.


I wouldn't use one every day. the engine is restricted and won't rev. mine is the turbo so will have more of an effect on performance than the non turbo


just get a different exhaust or resonated centre section

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happy with exhaust but same reason on long journey bit tiring but i just love that sound even looked at them mr gasket butterfly valves and electric cut out valves but a bit of noise never bothered me after years of straight thru 4x4 s etc

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