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standard / wide track rear bumper


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hi guys can anyone tell me the difference in size / width between the standard STI rear mumper and the wide track one.

it seems to me that the wide track is slightly wider to accommodate the rear arch trims.


also if possible if i fit the wide track bumper and arch trims how would i get the wheels to sit wider so they dnt look silly??

would i have to use spacers have to buy some new wider wheels?


thanks guys

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I didnt think there was any difference in the bumpers but someone may be a long with some different info


I would go with wider wheels instead of a spacer but either solution would work, one obviously being cheaper than the other, Im just not a fan of spacers

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yea i figured spacers are abit dangerous but who am i to no?? lol


wen u look at rear of wide track the bumper is inline with the wide arch trim and basically if u put the trim on mine it would protrude past the bumper as my bumper is flush with the wing ?? i really dnt no this is why im tryin to find out. thats just how it seems to me.


hopefully some one will no cheers..

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after some digging - it does indeed look like they are different and the lips do fit flush with the bumper - there is also a trim line that follows within the moulding between the arch and the bumper - the examples I have seen also look like the runners / side skirts are different also.


got this info from this link...




Over and above the established Spec C chassis, the 2005 chassis has a 15mm wider rear track and wider rims (up from 7.5 to 8.0in) with wider-spaced mounting bolts. This increase in what is technically known as Pitch Circle Diameter from 100 to 114.3mm comes as a result of fitting larger, stronger roller bearings for better wheel control. Also, 114.3mm is a more commonly used PCD that allows a wider choice of wheel for those rallying the WRX in Group N.


some wide track wheels



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Cheers for that info pal. I'm watching them arches already haha. I just want the standard wide track bumper if anyone can find one or swap with my sti bumper. As long as it will fit my 03 sti uk. The wheels I'm thinking of will be rota grids I think.

Cheers bud

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