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  1. Lovely motor - If I was working in UK at the moment I would be on my way to collect now - Good luck with the sale
  2. Try chap named Jody Collins on facebook - he was breaking a hatch
  3. PIAA windscreen wipers, first thing I replace when I get a new motor 👍
  4. I would just refer to it as a remap, the term "stage" can get some unnecessary micky taking on some social media platforms particularly in relation to Honda owners. If it was me I would invest in the following before going to get a map. Service - Oil and filter change, include plugs if they have not been done in the last 8k, you want your motor in a known condition before going. Ideally a higher flow panel filter - cosworth etc A new fuel pump if it is over 10 years old look at a less restrictive exhaust system
  5. What is even scarier is @savage bulldogs and I were chatting about Renaults Wed evening and that car came up I check your thread this morning and recognise the same motor - too spooky 🤔
  6. I used this setup in conjunction an ebay camera with went in really easily with a buzzer under a rear quarter panel https://www.parkingsensors.co.uk/product/dfm400-flush-fit-parking-sensor-kit Think I found it cheaper on Amazon though?
  7. Yes turns out I will need an s7 for my build so there will be an s6 available shortly as well as @savage bulldogs's Apexi
  8. Had mintex pads and discs years ago never had an issue - your VX might be a little heavier though but ultimately it is down to how you drive. I would go heavier on the oil myself but check OPIE oils for another opinion
  9. Wotcha and welcome - Interesting project. WRT the guess what it is.... Renault Alpine V6 turbo?
  10. Wotcha and welcome - Love a hatch me 😍
  11. Hi - Modern diesels are not good for short urban journeys so given your situation and requirements I think, unfortunately, you would be better selling it as to keep it and not use as designed you could end up incurring more cost to fix blocked DPF's etc which would take the shine off the sentiment very quickly
  12. From what I have seen posted before your suggested approach is correct - cut a larger portion away at the panel to get access then repair, weld new panel in place once inner repair is completed - Trying to think who posted pictures of this approach??
  13. There is a red classic for sale in Wolverhampton - very clean motor not standard by some margin, chap worked at Pole Position, not mine but I had a look over it when looking at a clutch. wants 6k though