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  1. BONOSS wheel spacers you choose will depend on the wheels you are using. Use this link to work out what size spacer you need based upon your wheel size and offset
  2. Hi only used Direnza and H&R myself which have been great quality and fit
  3. Wow - I do not know the answer but would be really interested in following the project - Keep a camera handy 😉
  4. Wotcha and welcome - Yup they can be thirsty but it is normally in relation to smiles. Feel free to share pictures create a project thread to track any changes / mods
  5. Wotcha and welcome - Unfortunate your initial experience has not been great, hopefully that will be sorted and it will be many miles of happy motoring
  6. Wotcha and welcome, great looking bug - Are the Morettes TUV approved?
  7. Jay762

    Japfest 2021

    @gemlp82 I would be happy to support, help out as because I cannot attend this one it would be risky if something went wrong on the day for me to take the lead
  8. Do you have a price in mind, sometimes help with responses?
  9. Welcome back - Unfortunately I cannot help with a WLDN recommendation but hopefully someone more local will be able to share a name
  10. No problem - wrx's have the same PCD so that may help expand the search a bit
  11. Hi - What type, rally or tarmac? Some good rally experiences Malvern or Wales way which use Imprezas
  12. Check this site out to confirm but it looks like you have the 5 x 100 pcd
  13. If you are doing discs and pads I would invest in some brake fluid and flush the system if you dont know when it was last done. Over time it absorbs water which leads to fade and spongy feel on the pedal. Not a huge amount of money for peace of mind
  14. As above with the sound deadening take your time and it is easy to apply, I found a roller really useful, helped with air bubbles I got in a couple of areas.
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