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  1. Wotcha and welcome I would be soaking in penetrating oil for 24 hours then a few taps with a mallet to loosen things up
  2. Wotcha and welcome - Lovely motor that 👍
  3. Wotcha and welcome STI will def not fit, different wheel bearing housing size. WRX-S may fit - an exhaust for teh WRX s fitted my NA 2.0 with a different sized O seal required as the manifold dia is different Would a set of lowering springs be a reasonably cheap first step?
  4. From what I have found this is a McIntosh collaboration with Clarion and you cannot change the language as it was a JDM specific model
  5. Looks good - Need to check as I think we might be away that weekend but if not ill be there 👍
  6. Is the screen a touch screen or display only?
  7. I can vouch for the cobra product also - great quality but not the cheapest more mid range
  8. yup front facing red is illegal - unless you drive a Knight Industries Two Thousand
  9. Do you have a photo of the head unit as mine will default to a language option setting if I do not 'agree' to the initial drive safe statement
  10. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in, all friendly on here 👍