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  1. Jay762

    GX 201 RE Head unit

    sounds like a dvd has been put in there?
  2. Jay762

    Trip computer

    Have you reset it since you have owned it?
  3. Jay762

    Back in a boxer after 12 years

    That is the only time I have seen it - WR1 models, does look good though
  4. Jay762

    Hello! New Subaru Outback Owner

    Wotcha and welcome - yes you should have no issues with the white stuff in that 👍🙂
  5. Jay762

    Back in a boxer after 12 years

    Wotcha and welcome - looking good, not seen a hawk in that colour before 👍😋
  6. Jay762

    1997 Subaru Impreza STi Type R

    someones getting an awesome early xmas pressie 😋
  7. Jay762

    Actual mpg for your subaru sti

    My 2008 with Prodrive kit and map showed 22 - 24 running around urban 24 for was more consistent when using sport mode more often - on a run was better, could get 35 - 40. On a weekend though it often read 18 - 20 🙄
  8. Jay762

    Boost figures while driving

    my 2.5 hatch would boost to 1.5 bar (S# mode) which is about 21 psi - is your gauge plumbed in correctly?
  9. Try running sport mode this should give you a couple more mpg - there is a thread on here somewhere (think it was Salsa or magik thighs??) the standard map has 0.5 bar sport runs 1bar and sport # has 1.5 bar boost - he found running in sport gave higher mpg - I found the same but had to remind myself to select sport mode all the time. The bespoke map I was going for would have had the standard map with increased boost to run similar to the sport mode saving me messing about. My RX only indicates 28mpg urban driving so not great - can get 35 - 40 on a run though which was also achievable in my STI
  10. even though engine capacity is the same?? If that is the case then loosing the middle resonator and the prodrive back box will give you the rumble you are looking for
  11. Think you offset may be 55 https://www.wheel-size.com/size/subaru/impreza/2006/ which would have your wheel stick out 21mm - that should fill out your arches nicely 👍
  12. That should be fine (assuming no lowering etc) - sticking out extra 18mm https://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator#
  13. It might be the unequal vs equal length manifold. around 2006 2007 Subaru went to an equal length manifold (the bug definitely has an unequal length fitted), not too sure but I wonder if this also coincided with going from 2.0l to 2.5l - it may be that giving the more distinctive rumble you are looking for??
  14. Jay762

    1997 Subaru Impreza STi Type R

    Lovely motor good luck with the sale - Do you have a guide price??
  15. Dependant on mileage, potholes you could be looking at bushes (not a huge issue) suspension struts and or front suspension bearings (top hats). Have a look under the sound proofing blanket on the bonnet (if there), mine held the condensation and being wet all the bolts holding the scoop on had rusted - dont want this starting on your bonnet. On the whole though mine was reliable, just replaced tyres and brake pads 😉