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  1. Low with big rims - looking mean, black Fozzie 'S' inside lane heading west yesterday circa 7.30 close to a34 junc
  2. Wotcha and welcome - sounds like you had a revelation, happy days!!
  3. Returning member

    Wotcha and welcome back - my lad wants a wagon - blob or hawk so currently keeping eye on classifieds also
  4. Hi everyone

    Wotcha and welcome - we do like a project on here - and certainly plenty info to sift through
  5. Headlight bulbs

    I use PIAA - yes expensive but that silicon layer it puts on the screen makes a huge difference, have only ever bought x1 pair of PIAA's per car never replaced on the same vehicle and it is always first mod I make purely from a safety / visibility perspective
  6. Noobie

    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to create a project thread and keep a camera handy
  7. Hello!

    Wotcha and welcome SWMBO has her eye on one of those
  8. New Member

    Wotcha and welcome - sounds like you could have a bit of a project on yoour hands - keep a camera handy and post the questions
  9. Another newby

    Wotcha and welcome - Yes agree regular preventative maintenance pays dividends in long term and does give more confidence in the kit if you want to wind it on a bit
  10. Noob

    Wotcha and welcome!!
  11. Hi All

    Wotcha and welcome Paul - keep us posted on your replacement sccob - - any model in particular?
  12. Wotcha and welcome - I know the diff on full lock can start to work against itself - my 2009 hatch would be heavy and then start making all sorts of clunking - says in the manual this is normal not sure if these are exactly the same symptoms you are experiencing
  13. New member WRX Bugeye

    Not sure if Gambit did a project thread at one point however we did have a server hiccup a few years back and a load of the original info was deleted...
  14. Newb with a forester SF5

    Wotcha and welcome - love those rims