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  1. wotcha and welcome - game old girl you have there 👍
  2. Jay762

    Legacy spec b bottom end

    Wotcha and welcome - I know an engine builder whom you could talk to, semi mobile but if you could get the engine onto a pallet it would give you more options - is that possible?
  3. Jay762


    Wotcha and welcome - any error codes??
  4. Jay762

    Newbie first time Scooby owner!

    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to ask questions or check out project threads for info
  5. Jay762

    my first scooby at 51

    Wotcha and welcome - I am a bit far from you but if you fancied a drive towards East Anglia I know @savage bulldogs (Clive) local group meets and they could shine some light on the documentation, dont know when their next meet is...
  6. Jay762

    New member

    Wotcha and welcome - not seen one for sale on here for a while, in fact I think we have only ever had one advertised on here. I have alerts set up for brats on ebay etc but the condition they come up in varies considerably
  7. Wotcha and welcome - a few on here also enjoy messing about on two wheels 👍
  8. Jay762

    Audio Problems

    hmmmm - Subaru not having a clue is not inspiring - I would be behind the panels checking connections, something may have come loose particularly with the rear dvd but that does not help - Is there an amplifier under your front seat where leads may be converging and might have been knocked loose?
  9. Wotcha and welcome - as above sounds like a broken connection to the camera itself, think the lines come from bumper sensors
  10. Jay762

    Audio Problems

    Wotcha and welcome - there is a factory reset on my impreza unit, there may be one for yours
  11. Jay762

    Best all rounder?

    Wotcha and welcome - not sure about the NA tuning in your neck of teh woods but if you went for a gen 1 wagon and an ESL board mod you could tune it yourself
  12. Jay762

    Hello from Germany :)

    Wotcha and welcome - Your English is way better than my German - where are you located as I spent quite a bit of time in Düsseldorf & Duisburg?
  13. Jay762

    Hi From France

    Wotcha and welcome!!
  14. Jay762

    New kid on the block

    Wotcha and welcome - start a project thread and ask away, dont forget to keep a camera handy
  15. Wotcha and welcome - so did you buy it?