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  1. Here is some information - the ABS sensor is on the wheel but the speed sensor is on the gearbox, they can be tricky to get out as well because the plastic goes brittle. I wouldn't know if it has impacted the Hi Lo function but it would not surprise me
  2. There is no flap next to the fuel flap release, its all electric, no cables Should be a button on the hatch tail gate itself, in the middle above number plate in between the two number plate lights
  3. Yes hoping its enough to keep the pots fed at 8500 - 8600 rpm - as in theory according to the gearbox ratios I should be doing 200mph
  4. I have converted my hatches to x2 reverse lights relocating the fog lights to the bumper add in cree led 20w units and it makes reversing a little easier
  5. Apparently, according to certain sites on the line, its not about the length more the girth. So reverse manifold setup - shorter tubing but larger diameter bore. 😁
  6. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share photos, ask questions as all friendly and plenty of experience on here
  7. Hi - the older diesels tend to be more reliable that the new ones, what is the issue?
  8. As above - belt would be the first place i would look, check your fluid levels whilst you are there as well
  9. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share some photos etc, we have a few members with classics on here so quite a bit of experience
  10. As above - a straight forward job and the switch is a good idea so you dont leave something plugged in and drain the battery for the cig lighter. The Radio should already have a perm 12v supply so you could jumper across from that
  11. Great feedback and useful to know - hopefully more people will benefit from this, thanks for sharing
  12. As above I would look to get one made which will probably be a lower cost option
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