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  1. Jay762


    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in all friendly on here
  2. Jay762

    Hey all!

    Wotcha and welcome!
  3. Jay762

    Forester Questions

    Wotcha and welcome - glad one issue sorted
  4. Jay762

    Hello and armrest question

    Wotcha and welcome - I have a 2008 impreza hatch but unfortunately no where near to yourself sorry
  5. Jay762

    Prospective Forester Owner

    Wotcha and welcome!!
  6. Jay762

    New from Southport

    Wotcha and welcome
  7. Jay762

    New hawkeye WRX owner

    Wotcha and welcome - I was also late to the party 😁
  8. Jay762

    Prospective buyer

    Wotcha and welcome - nothing wrong with RX8 but I think going from your Nissan to that one will leave you wanting so given the two choices go with the scoob - either way keep us posted
  9. Jay762

    Finally - 2006 WRX STi (PPP)

    Wotcha and welcome - lovely motor, only mod i would recommend given the cat change is a map to suit existing setup if not completed already
  10. You can buy Cobb accessports and they will connect to UK car ECU's
  11. Jay762

    Engine advice for a newbie

    Wotcha and welcome - as above, if the car is in good shape and you like it, there is value to you so get an engine for it
  12. Jay762

    newbie in leeds

    Wotcha and welcome - quite a few members from your part of the world
  13. Jay762

    forester 2.0xt auto

    Hi - my Impreza N/A auto is a little slow on the uptake but when I checked the 0-60 times vs the manual there was only a second in it - this I ended up attributing to the first gear ratio in the auto and the fact that it hangs onto it irrespective of sports mode selected or not
  14. Jay762

    Looking for my old scooby n673xfj

    Wotcha and welcome - you never now it may turn up 🤞
  15. service history, cambelt and pulley change. If it has not been done budget for a new fuel pump, often overlooked.