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  1. Wotcha and welcome - as above, check also for signs of emulsification in coolant - before you get the engine warm 😉
  2. Clutch removed today - looks like a competition clutch lightweight flywheel with an ACT sprung 4 pad disc, one of the rivets is loose in the pad - should I be concerned??
  3. Has your alignment been checked - are any of your linkage arms bent? Is the tyre wear consistent & even across the tread which may indicate an issue?
  4. Tips def broken then - does happen particularly if running too hot
  5. My DAB aerial is in the same location and signal is fine. I dont think the surround will fit - ill dig out the reference number and you can check as I think it will be very close top and bottom
  6. Assuming they all have the same part number - those tips have broken off
  7. What facia is it as I have an aftermarket black plastic surround that I did not use in the end because the volume dial was too close - it may fit?
  8. I would go aftermarket, I have used denso products in the past and had no issue with them - although never an aircon unit
  9. Ah fair enough - they are a bit sensitive with power steps between motors
  10. I didn't have a great experience with Adrian Flux - talk to SKY
  11. Not a subaru diesel expert but checking a couple of videos from MRT talk about multiple scenarios that can impact the dpf alarm - oil dilution etc so it could be a combination of things Unfortunately your mate would probably be better going to a non dealer specialist see if the engine regeneration cycle is working, if the dpf is blocked, oil is being diluted etc. The code format does not look like the usual subaru format also? Sorry not more help
  12. As above that is now more into a collectable market than a drivers so it will attractive to fewer people - a really nice piece of kit GLWTS
  13. Scuttle panel....Thank you, could not remember what the !Removed! thing was called 🙄. All that sloshing would have driven me nuts trying to work out where it came from 😁
  14. Yes - you have my empathy - sometimes on the surface all can look well and then you do a bit of digging - but your motor is the right hands!
  15. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in post photos etc - all friendly on here