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  1. Chiles

    Wotcha and welcome, xv has been a popular purchase on here, cvt etc.
  2. New member to the forum 👍

    Wotcha and welcome - love a hatch me
  3. Hello there

    Wotcha and welcome. few things with the hatch at 40k it may have had the belts changed if it has check for the pulleys and pump done as well. Top mounts can fail check for clunking when slowly rolling back and forth then braking the nuts behind the sound blanket under the bonnet can rust leading to the bonnet corroding the scuttle panel can get loads of crud behind it if it has been left under trees etc get a torch and look where windscreen wiper motor mounts are. there is the subaru lip over the rear wheels where crud collects check for any bubbling on the inside which will come through to the outside. Paint on the interior door cards is thin by the window controls etc check for, if shabby a point for negotiation but cheap to flatten back and blow over. keep us posted on progress
  4. Recent Impreza

    Wotcha and welcome feel free to get stuck in all friendly on here
  5. my new car in japan

    Wotcha and welcome - awesome motor that
  6. New STI owner

    Wotcha and welcome!!
  7. Martin

    I thought there was a setting you can change via the dash options that would stop that - dependant on year though
  8. hi all

    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to post questions in the appropriate areas - that way they tend to get a better response
  9. Thanks for your help, will get that done.

  10. 34Jimbo

    keep us posted as this may be something other members have yet to come across
  11. STI Final Edition

    not seen that - may have to get a copy
  12. New winter wheels and tyres.

    Scooby in its natural habitat
  13. Refreshing bushes etc

    It would depend on how you want the car to feel - If it was me I would go for a mild upgrade but no the full solid track orientated one - Think they are the black super pro ones not the purple so you get slightly stiffer but not rattle your fillings out
  14. Anne

    As above check breakers and post a wanted thread in the forum section