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  1. Hi - pictures and a price generally help to market a motor a little better, feel free to post
  2. Having done a search on the model code you provided, the main connector (White Top left on yours) looks exactly the same as mine (White Bottom right). Now whilst I would not want to make an immediate assumption they are exactly the same it may give you a starter for ten working through the pins themselves. Mine Clarion PF2945 Yours Clarion pf- 3492 Pin out for the pf 2945 highlighted in red refers to the white connector in question - ignore the other connectors as that is for cd players etc
  3. No turbo on this one its NA same as my RX
  4. I cant really tell to be honest - if you video using phone etc then upload it to a hosting platform like photobucket etc and then post the link we should be able to see it
  5. Get in touch with these chaps - were active on the forum at one point but I think they just got too busy, they will see you right @stants had quite a bit to do with them if I remember correctly We know them as Sheffield Subaru Services but looks like they have changed their web address http://www.subaruservicingyorkshire.co.uk/
  6. This is the lower spec unit - it does not have bluetooth capability. There are plenty of aftermarket units - used examples that have bluetooth. If you do go for a double din aftermarket unit you will probably need one of these https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=12829&cat=0&sub=0&sec=0&var=0&dc=&gen=&searchKey=radio&searchPart= I did buy one of these but found whilst it fitted you could not use the dial and it did not look as good as the ICP part https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/connects2-ct23su04-subaru-impreza-car-stereo-double-din-fascia-panel-adaptor.html?search=subaru
  7. Your motor is too new for my experience ;o) this link may get you a manual with pin outs it it but you will need a model number https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1259328/Clarion-Pf-2945a-A.html
  8. sounds good - dont know enough about the hawk body to comment on the questions but wrt the z - if I was offered it I would have a 240 or 260 (could live without the exclusivity of the 2+2), never really liked the 280 but would also def have a 300zx 😊 (in black with a full strosek body kit)
  9. Wotcha and welcome. I have the same model with slightly less miles but do not have any of the symptoms you describe. As a cheap option you could try an ECU reset - this helped the auto gear change on mine and also smoothed out the revs - I did this because I was running on super unleaded petrol and wanted to force the ecu to recognize that. There is a cooling mod mostly aimed at the turbo models due to teh increased pressure and heat but it is simple enough to make up a kit yourself. https://www.iagperformance.com/GDT-Cylinder-4-Chamber-Cooling-System-WRX-STI-p/gdt-1005.htm https://www.blingstrom.com/modmonday-sti/2019/3/17/getadomtune-cylinder-4-cooling-mod-showing-cylinder-4-that-you-still-care Alternate fittings
  10. Wotcha and welcome - Some very interesting motors there, big fan of the Datsun, 240 being my personal fave. Feel free to get stuck in, post photos etc all friendly on here. Any plans for the hawk, mods etc?
  11. Give these guys a phone call - normally really helpful
  12. I use PIAA wipers - does not hold the muck like Rain ex but still means water beads and runs off. Prep the windscreen with the wipes first then use with clean water for an initial silicon layer