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  1. Feel your pain - totally sucks when you buy a 'built' motor and its turns out to have been slung together and subsequently fails after a short time
  2. Its a 3.3ohm, few pence of evil bay
  3. The wrx wings will fit straight on as they are the same as the model you have. The STI wings are wider and whilst they will bolt on you will need the front bumper as well due to the width increase
  4. Great to hear - Feel free to share some photos 🙂
  5. Wotcha and welcome - nice motor, one of the final ones with my preferred front end 👍
  6. Wotcha and welcome - Keep us posted
  7. OK for what is is worth this is the setup on my Impreza. The lead is part of a loom that is fed from inside the car so replacing a link looks to be out of the question so you would be looking at splicing in some more wiring dependent on what exactly is broken Under the motor the cabling feeds through the grommet into the boot space The cable (The piece held by green tape) is routed under the metal piece and is routed up under the side panel where it then is routed back over the wheel arch towards the front of the car
  8. currently under SORN from DEC 2018, so someone has it parked up somewhere
  9. Jay762

    2nd Service

    Always good to hear about the great service stories 👍
  10. Pitch Mount addressed Before Bracket powdercoated Comparison After
  11. Probably but as it is Apple it will likely be about £300 😄😄😄
  12. The endoscope is something you could have a go at yourself for a small investment https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-5mm-USB-Endoscope-Borescope-Inspection-Tube-Camera-For-Android-Mobile-UK/133439985252?hash=item1f11a49664:g:7VsAAOSw6lFe6IBE
  13. Started pulling suspension apart to address split dust boots, they had not been trimmed on assembly so when compressed they rub on the springs and split - both fronts missing altogether. An argument could be made for running without them - cosmetic etc but I always tend to follow what the pros do and if motorsport teams run with them and Ohlins supplies them as part of the original kit they should be there IMO Discovered that the units had also been incorrectly assembled (shouldn't be surprised really) with the front and rear set both having different springs They should be 90Nm front and 70Nm on the rear - here are the fronts where you can see the difference in spring diameter and 70C (70Nm) labelled on the spring Awaiting the dust boots but the springs have been blasted and powder coated ready for reassembly
  14. Progress being made on reassembly Powerflex polybushes fitted to powdercoated and painted parts Subframe powdercoated with Whiteline & Powerflex bushes in place
  15. Gear linkage tweaked with replacement bushes and a quick shift kit Before This is where all the plastic bits go if you install a meter behind a panel but just go at the panel with a dremel in situ Ball out of socket Perrin QS installed Socket nice and clean After Underneath - Standard Subaru support bush and gear link bush After with Whiteline rear support, Perrin front