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  1. There will be a 12v feed from your reverse switch or light itself (if aftermarket)
  2. TGV is in the aluminum connecting blocks between the intake manifold and thes head x1 each side, they are where the injectors plug into.
  3. Wotcha and welcome - For most NA's spending huge amounts of money does not net the returns you would like vs $$$ spent. I would suggest a high flow panel filter a high flow exhaust, maybe remove one of the resonators and or the cat. A map will return some gains by matching all of your changes to the engine optimising plus removing some of the wider manufacturing tolerances as it is then working at optimum so some midrange and a couple of mpg gained. focus on weight loss and chassis - improve handling and braking plus power to weight ratio
  4. IMO dependent on miles since last replacement, oil and filter change plus new plugs
  5. It transpires the steering rack was already a 13.1 ratio so spruce up and refit old bushes with replacement Perrin items Brackets before cleaned Painted Painted and Perrin bushes installed Back in situ post all threads been chased and dressed Rose joints greased to prevent the rust that had built up returning, antiseize on threads stainless steel bolts and nuts plus split washers to lock all in place
  6. Go petrol unless you intend doing over 15-16k per year and distance miles not urban driving and if you are still determined to go diesel consider a VW
  7. Looking good - Good luck with the sale
  8. Depends on what is defined as 'cooler' My auto rx has oil pipes that run to a small modine heat exchanger which does some cooling but I wouldnt call it a cooler. The manual states if the car is to be used for towing a cooler should be installed as it will over heat - by that I interpret to be a multi row goodridge or secal mini radiator type affair that has oil to air flow
  9. Wotcha and welcome - are there any engine codes being generated?
  10. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share photos etc and get stuck in, all friendly on here. The number you have shared is the transmission / gearbox code - details here https://legacypic.uk/transmission/search.php?code=ty752vb5ca The car code will be starting with GC8...
  11. Wotcha and welcome - I know when doing this type of thing for MX bikes I have approached a dealer as they can printout the details from their database. Is it worth contacting Subaru with teh VIN details and getting a printout from them?
  12. Wotcha and welcome - I would take the whole unit off, dry it out and then plug back in to see if it works. Next I would be hitting breakers to see if they had a 2nd hand unit