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  1. Jay762

    Newbie concidering buying an outback?

    Excellent - keep us posted and have a camera handy 😀
  2. Jay762

    Subaru Impreza 2.1 ??

    Wotcha and welcome - yes you would need to take some measurements to be sure
  3. Jay762


    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in, share photos etc
  4. Jay762

    Newb with a problem

    Wotcha and welcome!!
  5. Wotcha and welcome - let us know if you made it home ok 👍
  6. Jay762

    Ecu reprogramming

    Wotcha and welcome - as above it may be an indication of something more serious, particularly if your engine has been put into limp mode - possibilities being knock detection, pressure drop, leakage?
  7. Wotcha and welcome - TDR are a reputable place to get work done. The work you have asked them to do is time consuming - that is also assuming all of the nuts / bolts come away and don't need cutting off - I recently did ARB drop links on my car - each one took 3 hours!!! 2 hours 55 minutes of attacks with plus gas, blow torch, hacksaw and dremmel cutting & grinding discs (you couldn't get an angle grinder into the space). Are you replacing the bushes at the same time as these will need to be swapped from old to new as well - again assumption that the OEM ones are still fit for purpose and will fit the new items e.g. the ARB thickness, are you replacing like for like or are they thicker diameter?
  8. Jay762

    Towing weight

    Wotcha and welcome - it should also be on your V5 document
  9. Jay762


    Wotcha and welcome - decent battery and charger and you should be fine
  10. Jay762

    2008 core 2 sat nav disc. Help.

    I can copy the original discs I have for you to try if that would help?
  11. Jay762

    new wrx sti owner

    It does sound like low down fuelling - warmer air = less dense.
  12. Jay762

    Another new member

    Wotcha and welcome - yes a very capable tool you have there 😍
  13. Jay762


    Wotcha and welcome - plenty of classic love on here check out Savage Bulldogs build thread
  14. Jay762

    Old WRX's never die

    Wotcha and welcome - I agree with replacing the Cobb flash with a bespoke map but as for everything else, keep a camera handy and feel free to create a project thread. 😉
  15. Jay762

    New member

    Wotcha and welcome - my lad wants a wagon and that is a lovely example