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  1. Wotcha and welcome, yes they are addictive 😁 feel free to share photos etc all friendly on here
  2. both TUV approved, both high quality AL so not much difference there. WRT the cooling ducts, may work but I wonder how often you would need to be stripped and cleaned to remove the brake dust clogging up the grooves?
  3. I went with Sky, now safely insurance. I have all my mods in an excel spreadsheet to send them so there can be no doubt as to what is covered and justify the value
  4. Hi this site has a few members globally located but for the most part is UK members with RHD cars, not really your target audience
  5. Wotcha and welcome - A great review for the BRZ 😁 feel free to share photos, get stuck in etc all friendly on here
  6. I would phone the main stealer and see what is on your car - have your vin number handy
  7. Here you go https://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/forum/17-members-subarus-for-sale/
  8. Have used cross climates as winter tyres on a couple of cars now - great tyres
  9. great post - some useful info there 👍
  10. For my 2.0 na auto box i spent £70 on oil - used castrol ATF auto gearbox oil from opie oils and flushed through myself. It may not be a direct comparison but possibly a point of reference.
  11. Yes that sounds like a transmission oil cooler
  12. These days I do not have a clue the prices seem to be going bonkers - a couple of years back I was looking at Type R's at 8k wondering why P1's were going for 10-12k?? Today I saw a Type R (Almost original) advertised for 29K - that was 22b money a few years back!! 😲 If you are looking for top dollar I would go through it back to front, paint correction / detailing spend a few hundred quid getting it immaculate, take lots of high res photos to market it and be prepared to wait for the right buyer, it is not a turbo model so wont appeal to the wider audience but you may get a collector interested
  13. I looked into this for towing a caravan with an impreza, Subaru do mention in their blurb about reducing the interval between transmission oil changes and the use of an oil cooler for auto boxes if towing regularly or for long distance
  14. Hi Alex - sorry to hear of you loss, feel free to post a thread in the for sale section on this site. Others are using Facebook Subaru for sale groups but of the car is in really great condition you could try https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/ may take longer but might get a collector
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