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  1. Angelwax is my brand of choice for polishes and waxes, have had ok results with Meguiars compound but the Angelwax Enigma AIO is an improvement on that. Just bought some bilt hamber clay bars to try (Made in UK) cheaper than Angelwax and Meguiars options
  2. Wotcha and welcome - clean looking motor there, have you kept it standard or made any mods apart from the spoiler?
  3. Just posted facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/subaru.impreza.buy.sell.uk/permalink/2555954864622107/?sale_post_id=2555954864622107&rt=11
  4. Think a couple of forum members have done this before Just keep the spray light as blocking the holes between the fins will interupt air flow a little - however you could argue teh same for an IC with damaged fins 😋
  5. Some steady progress there - yes get through a few wire brush drill attachments myself 😋 If your photos are less than 2mb each you can just drag and drop of select to upload direct to this site, no need for external hosting if not required
  6. Feel free to create a project thread. IMO your approach seems spot on. Obvously choices there for suspension and chassis stiffening - ARB's etc dependent on how stiff you want it. Brakes will be limited by your wheels so your choice can be quite easily narrowed down based upon that Power, if I remember correctly. Panel filter (Cosworth, K&N, etc), STI top mount intercooler, freer flowing exhaust plus map for the mods will give a small power increase but a nice driveable motor. But if you are looking at the handling, and driving in a more more spirited manner I would consider a sump baffle plate, stronger pick up with the rubber attachment, replace the fuel pump, particularly if it is over 5 - 8 years old. Possibly an oil cooler making sure your petrol and oil are in good supply and at teh right temp for sustained revs with higher corner G
  7. Hi I leave it attached as it stops the alarm going off. A decent charger with voltage level sensors should switch to trickle and not be constantly hammering the battery and perm live circuits
  8. My Vito 2002 has a neutral rev limiter
  9. phone ICP - Luke knows his stuff https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/
  10. Wotcha and welcome - great looking motor there 👍
  11. Unfortunately I cannot answer the brake caliper clearance question. Only other one I would suggest that woudl probably meet your price point are the OZ superleggra option, light but the design (albeit multispoke) moves away from the original ones you posted
  12. Right so these are not the BBS jobbies but may suit in the short term Rays do some lightweight rims, on facebook now https://www.facebook.com/groups/310942915759592/permalink/1329344967252710/?sale_post_id=1329344967252710&rt=11 Subaru - Rays Forged GC-010E Prodrive 18” 5x100
  13. A great start to a build thread - Yup @Mr B knows a thing or two about the Fozzie model for sure!! A placement at Prodrive, that sounds really interesting, think you made the right decision with the bushes given your motor could still go offroad etc you have retained flexibility and a degree of comfort 👍