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  1. I have some in white I can send you gratis - DM me if your would like a couple
  2. The N/A narrowbody Impreza can be made to look like a WRX by changing front bumper, bonnet and spoiler. The STI front wing and bumper will fit to make the front wider but the rear bumper will not fit as it will over hang the rear quarters which are part of hatch the body. There are other body kits out there to widen narrowbodies as an aftermarket option
  3. Given your location I would suggest Engine Tuner - Alan Jefferys in Plymouth
  4. Wotcha and welcome - breakers may be an option or phoning a local subaru dealer - ICP may have something but check the website as they cover quite a few vehicles
  5. Wotcha and welcome - all friendly on here, def not like some of the other forums out there. Feel free to get stuck in post photos ask questions etc, you want to start a thread on what wheel cleaner you prefer - go right on 👍
  6. STI's (Wide Bodies) have differences to the WRX. For your model look to WRX (Narrow body) and they should fit possibly with minor tweaks. I have successfully fitted WRX and STI items to my RX in some instances with no issue some need minor adjustments - eg WRX S exhaust required a different ring seal upfront due to the diameter of the RX manifold being smaller than the WRXS
  7. I added these two wiring convertors and retained steering wheel function CTSSU001 (I see the description now is for forrester only so check with DS) & CT20SU02 https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/subaru-steering-wheel-interface-adaptors.html
  8. Had some many years ago - quality was fine but have only bought OZ in last few years so dont know if quality has dropped
  9. As Savage describes you dont need to pull the engine but will need to drop the gearbox, easy then to get full access to the bolts etc. Give Luke at ICP a call and he will put you right with a clutch and associated alignment tool - factor in a few quid for a release bearing as well £20 I think off top of head
  10. It might be the camera however they tend to be a simple generic setup of 12v feed for power to the camera, a -ve ground wire and a video signal lead. I would ask your 3rd party installer why they think it will not be able to have the lines any more?
  11. A tough one - had a quick scout around the usual couple of sources but nothing, none breaking your model at the moment. Are there any breakers local to yourself?
  12. Given the mileage I would suggest a fuel pump change at the same time as the filter, looks like your pump is located behind a panel under your back seat - similar to impreza, shouldnt be too hard to get to and change
  13. Welcome - It tends to be a setting on/off - Have a look through your menus
  14. Nicely sorted by the look of it
  15. Wotcha and welcome - I am aspiring to a build similar to that, very nice
  16. Hi I used Motul Gear 300 75W-90 from Opie oils https://www.opieoils.co.uk/f/100400/21338/2008/axle-drive.aspx Dont forget the discount code - SUBOC
  17. will have to check that on mine - know it has not got back to the loom itself as I have done some weeding on that but the sensors i will check
  18. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in, post photos etc all friendly on here
  19. Useful post - thanks and gives a benchmark, Ill complete the same process when mine is back together as I have some additional security and electronics in place to povide a comparison
  20. Wow great colour - dont see too many of those. The gearbox is a limiting factor as is the engine - closed deck block or not. I wont quote figures as I am not as familiar with the classics as others on the forum are ( @Tidgy@savage bulldogs ) you can get reinforcing plates for the gearbox though and cross hatching on the block will tell you if it is a CDB or not. In order to do do the map though check your ECU to see if it is standard, not ESL modified or aftermarket Alcatex etc otherwise you will not be able to map. So I would check that first before turbos, injectors, clutch and the rest. Savage has a thread going that started in the same way your post has..... Plenty of information in there, food for thought etc including an Arashi turbo unit which could be an alternative to the standard TD options?