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exhaust backbox


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Hi guys, I've bought a nearly new stainless backbox for my bugeye. It is the correct exhaust. The problem is that the pipe diameter on the backbox is approx 3" where the pipe on the car (middle section is approx 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" is there any kind of adaptor I can get instead of cutting off the flanges and using a reducer?

Any help appreciated.


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All sorted now , it was me just being a bit of a numpty. I measured the diameter of the backbox pipe which was 2 1/2" and I wrongly assumed that the rest of the exhaust would be the same, but no! The rest of the exhaust is 3".

I've looked on eBay Nigel but could find anything!

So I'd do what gambit does and take it to your local exhaust fitter. Mine only charged me a tenner and that included new gasket, new bolts & a brew

Cheers guys

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