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Impreza Service Parts

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Good evening

Can anyone recommend a list of parts needed for a good overall major service..i.e. what parts will i need and are there a go to brand for these various items? If so is there a popular website/company you owners use?


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Sites I would use are Opie Oils and Import Parts

Should be able to get everything from there. both very helpful with Questions Opie Oils give us Discount too on oils so thats a bonus. Tim who works for them on here and has a thread if you need to find what's the best oils to use. Unfortunately I have spoke to Import Parts but turned down the offer of them being on here to advertise, which was a shame as we have about 8 sister club forums so could have covered across a massive board of car makes :( 


But for a service be looking at 


- 1 X 5 Litres Oil 

- 1 X Brake Fluid

- 1 X Oil Filter

- 1 X Fuel Filter 

- 4 X Spark Plugs

- 1 X Panel Air Filter


If cambelts due I would recommend doing it all get a full kit with water pump costs more but in the long run could and more likely save you money and give you peace of mind :D 


Cambelt / timing belt
Cambelt Tensioner

Water Pump

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