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Clutch Issue?


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So, I was quite possibly being a mong at the time, but wanted to post and double check if


- A yes, I was being a mong,


- B yes, your clutch is on the way out.


Driving today i pulled off once from a standstill/downhil for some reason i was second gear (mong I know) and just as i was pulling off and releasing the clutch back, i heard an awful squeal... Sounded awful! Then about About 5mins later Ihad to do a hill start, so handbrake on and all that, pulled off in 1st and heard the same squeal again. :(


I was probably being a mong the 1st time, but does it sound like my clutch is on the way out? It doesn't normally do this, so it makes me think it was just shoddy clutch control on my part.


thanks in advance.






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thanks for the info gambit, would it be an expensive repair? a new clutch?


I've not tried it when i'm pulling off slowly with the handbrake, will try it tomorrow. But it tends to happen if i try to pull off quickly.

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Bearings can be intermittent with making the squealing noise when their on their way out until they get really bad.the bearing is running dry so the more it heats up the more chance of hearing it so you may not notice it on short runs so much.I've got two wheel bearings that have just started doing the same. Think the clutch bearing is called the" thrust bearing" gambit is right, about changing the clutch but until you get it out you won't know how much meat is left on it.


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I would mate just to be safe at least once you have enough you might want to change it anyway. But you have back up incase :D 

Unlike me I knew it was going carried on till it went then drove to Sheffield with it  :unsure: not my finest hour :) 

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I think Martin charged me £390 all in my lightened flywheel couldn't be skimmed either but he didn't charge me for another one but did mean I had to have an OEM one fitted but at no extra cost can't complain.

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