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Stereo upgrade

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Following on from my other post with regards the ipod thingy i am seriously thinking about upgrading the Stereo. Trouble is the aircon controls are built into the front panel on the outback. Can you get a replacement panel in the uk to be able to fit a double din unit?? Also the speakers aren't fantastic (i'm being nice). Tbh it is probably the only thing on the whole car that is not up to standard. When you think how much these are new i'd have thought they would have a decent standard one. Still is it the speakers that are naff and the headunit is ok or the other way round?

If anyone has advice on this i'd be grateful as i haven't done a lot on radios for quite a few years?



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Upgraded the speakers too worst thing since the BBC covered up child molester celebrities if you ask me. 

I'd recommend getting the speakers upgrades and maybe an amp. I'm not sure what the dash looks like on a Outback :(

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Been emailing hammonds Subaru in Suffolk and they have been really helpful. Can get the part shipped from Japan special order! Is nice to find a dealer willing to help with something like this. It is a bit pricey for the double din kit but means I can get a new Stereo which links to my phone to get nav etc. It also means I can get the dab radio as well and as that was going to be about £150 to £200 then it makes it easier to justify. Plus I have had the go ahead from swmbo to go for it.

Will ring them tomorrow as it will take 2 to 4 weeks to be shipped in. Bonus. Going to get the tow bar and tints done in July as well so will just be the wheels to refurb then it will look ace (to me anyway). Am thinking of graphite :-)

Once the new Stereo goes in i can then see what the speakers are really like and upgrade them over a period of time as funds flow again lol.



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