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Black STi side garnish trims (R205 styleee) Fitting Guide


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Along with the R205 rear defusser ordered from JapanParts.com, I ordered the Black side trims like what's also on the STi R205 (JDM) cars and the ORANGE WRX & STi saloon (in the USA)



Here's my idiots guide to fitting them.



(you might need to take off your mud flaps if fitted).

Pop off the side trim panel, they snap off as they're fitted with those pop fasteners.




I used a shape bladed knife to carefully cut through the double sided tape that holds the Chrome STi trim on.20140626_183045_zpsqaoloxi9.jpg



Double sided sponge tape will be left behind.




I used a flat blade screw driver to ease off the thick part ofthe sponge double sided tape. That leaves a thin layer of the sticky stuff behind. Petrol on a cloth softens this up and you can use your finger nail to carefully scrape if off, then keep wiping with teh petrol on the cloth gets rid of any last bits of the sticky glue stuff. Then I cleaned up the area with car polish ;)20140626_190045_zpsmuq9kw0z.jpg



The easy fitting bit now, remove the backing tape and line up the new BLACK GARNISH TRIM and stick in place. 20140626_190213_zpsjfrtb3v3.jpg



Push back the side panel trim till all the poppers are snapped back into place.




Refit the mud flap (if fitted) then stand back and admire.




Fitting time, about 45mins for both sides. It all depends how easy you can remove teh sticky stuff off the panel trim when you remove the old Chrome STi side garnish.




 I hope you find this of interest and not too sad ;)

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