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My poor Xbox One

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We had a power cut last night, didn't come on till this morning. I got out of bed, feeling pretty rough today so thought "I will play some UFC" which I got last night. Turned the Xbox on, switched on fine and went to the dashboard BUT will not sign me in or connect to live or play games. Anyone else having this problem or just me?

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No mate :( I'm on the beta versions of the updates doing the tests before you lot get them unless you signed up to it as well. 

You tried to pull the mains out of the power brick give it a minute or so and power it all back up ?

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Yeah I'd reset the router too. With it powering up would make me think thats it's more a software issue than a hardware, but I guess you never know with a serge but I thought the power brick was to prevent that. I've not looked I will see if there is a way to roll it back sor re download the last update. ASign out your profile and in again too worth a shot :) 

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