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I've not fitted one to a 2008 but every car I have fitted one to has required modifications to make it fit.

Things like:

Cutting the bumper to allow the intercooler to fit behind it.

Re shaping the windscreen washer bottle to allow the pipework to pass,

Some cars have required the inner wing to be cut to allow the pipework to go through.

Not saying your car will need that work, but I can't imagine it's as simple as bolting it on.

If you do it, don't forget to get a remap done or you could end up with it reducing your power and or causing other issues.

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If you let them know at Japspeed you're a Subaru owners club member they should offer you some discount ;) 


And as Tlag said I've never seen or heard of anyone do it and it bolt on without some modification work :) 

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