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car turned over but wouldnt start


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ok jumped in car and it turned over well but wouldnt start wouldnt even move in gear so boss told me to get in put it in 2nd and foot on clutch and turn key then when he got it moving he told me to release clutch and it started fine but had engine management light on..

since i got home i have tryed it twice and it starts fine and no engine management light so did i trip something when bump starting also when you rev it you hear the warbles and a slight squek but i have checked belts and they are tight and look new..

Car had sat for over a month before i bought it and i dont drive like i stole it and only drive 5 miles to work so is it possible its just not charging enough

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OK had it diagnosed as was told camshaft sensor so changed that but it still randomly won't start and keeps giving cam error code but after 3good starts engine light goes out, it can be bump started or sometime just move it 2-3 ft and it starts but it is most infuriating

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