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obdii pinout


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ok ive fitted new cam sensor and i stalled car at junction and it wouldnt restart, pushed it back about a foot and it statedno problem but had engine light on, ive read you can connect 2 black cables on obdii socket and read codes on dash like old vauxhalls but my sockets cables are covered all way and cant see any cables so can someone tell me pins to bridge, thanks

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The two black plugs (one wire to each) are in front of where your left knee would be whilst driving. Get a torch and look up behind the dash in that area. You should see a whole clump of wires and plugs. You should see the black ones, some green ones, a yellow one and a pink one at least. If they have never been used before, they may still be taped all together.

Once you have the black ones, plug them together. Turn the key in the ignition until the lights come on the dash. The check engine light will flash. Long flashes count 10 and short ones count as 1. It will flash the code and then the next code until it has shown them all and then repeat so it's worth taking the time to watch it go through a couple of times to make sure you have them.

There is no OBD on these older Legacies.

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