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Won't start:(


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Hi guys,I need help or advise please!

My subaru type r 2000 stalled as I pulled up to a junction 2 says ago & now won't start,earlier that morning I lost all power & car came to a stop starting up again I got it home then later came the stalling at a junction & no restart!

Got it towed to a friends garage where we looked over different areas of what we thought it could be-seems likes it's fuel related:/

Checked fueses/relays fuel was pumping through as it started up again then stopped since then it just turns over:(

I can't hear the pump now when I turn ignition on?

I've been told it could be the alarm/immobiliser which is a sigma or the crank sensor?

Would any of these stop the power going to the pump?

Any help would be greatful:) thanks

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Cam position sensor or crank sensor will also inhibit the pump. Both of those will throw a code so checking the codes would be the next thing I would do.

Another thing I would check would be earthing. Look at all the earth leads from the body to the engine. Usually get them from the suspension turret area to the inlet manifold plus some from the heads to the chassis rails.

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Thanks ash,the light does go off on the dash so maby I could rule that out:/

Thanks tlag,I've had it code read & nothing came up,also I was told a crank sensor wouldn't show up on the codes!?

Ok I will check the earths when I get back.

I did change the spark plugs last week & thought maybe I had knocked or done somthing but it was running fine for a couple of days before I got this problem?

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