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Ecutek Ecu , Full Exhaust system, Classic big spoiler.


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As above really,


3 Inch down pipe going into a 2.5 inch Flange, great if you have 2.5 inch exhaust system,  lessens spool time for lag. £60

2.5 inch Centre section , non resonated. £50

5inch side back box, 3 inch back pipe. £50

will sell as a whole for the right price.


All working, no leaks.


Ecutek Licensed turbo 2000 uk ECU for 1999-2000 cars only.

remapped by scooby clinic and made 270 with pops and bangs mapped in, saves you over £400, highly recommend getting it mapped for your car which would cost £150 as the license is already paid for. £250 wont be available till (18th september, when i get new ecu, can arrange remapping for your car on same day)


Classic big spoiler Fiber glass item but comes with inbuilt rear brake light, slight crack but will be repaired for sale. £45


postage will be calculated, or can take to the next meet at 555

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Im very interested in the ecu mate.Can you tell me more about it.And how would I no if it would work on my Subaru forester turbo which is a 2000 model on a W plate.Is there any numbers on the ecu or anything I need to look out for.I have the 2 litre engine as well

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the item is quite big mate so will prob be around £20-£25 postage, where abouts in Manchester are you ? as could always meet Near Glossop for some pennies :)


No cats at all,


It had the 3 inch downpipe that ive just taken off and then was straight through all the way, no cats, and used to do it when you nailed it and pop and bang coming down through the gears.

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