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drop in power

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Any one got any ideas.been for a test run after rebuild car spools up and just before the power comes in it seems to dump all the pressure any one got any suggestions wot to try or look for its bh5 twin turbo other than that car sounds well and runs fine other than wot I mentioned above plz some one help before I start head butting the wall

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Yes matey I understand that with a full engine rebuild you would have run it back in for a short while . Wot it is I bought the car with blown head gaskets wich I took the engine out heads off pressure tested valves reground skimmed 5 plate heavy duty gaskets new tensioners roller bearings and put back together started straight up no probs sounds ace but when took for mot it seems to spool up then just before it boosts it dumps the pressure so I am a bit puzzled with not having a kot of experience with thease engines I am looking for a bit of guidance I am quite a competent person with most engines but with twin turbo never seen as many vac pipes nite mare so woundering if a pipe could be a starting point hopefuly I will be coming to sheffield 8 sept do ya think someone could point me in the right way as I am hopeing to join you with remapping on the 18 of sept all being well yoh wont be able to miss miss me at sheff I will be a all black legacy gtb tt apart from I am 6ft 18 stone and slightly grey hair ( but not a fat 18 stone) lol I may even wear a pink flower I my lapel cheers ash if it as to go garage then so be it but it may be something simple dont know

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The remap day has been changed to the 11th at Area 52 as the weather was getting worse and didnt want to map it on the road.


Ok so from what it sounds like you have a boost leak, that much is obvs, get some carb spray and spray it onto all the pipes on the turbo circuit, intercooler etc, what the carburetor spray will do is make the revs go up if a leak is found.

Other than that i can only think that you have a DumpValve that is sticking open which is causing the drop in boost before it should. If you have a dump valve get some WD40 and spray it into the DV, leave it for a few mins and then rev the car, once warm obvs.


If failing that im sure Martin will have a look at it either before the meet or on the meet.


Well you will be able to try some of Gems world class baking :)

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