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metal lip behind rear bumper


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ok i got new exhaust system on from manifold back, but backbox pipe sits low and there is no note like i had before with rotten pipe so i fitted jap universal exhaust wich wouldnt fit up properly into recess because metal plate behind bumper and had a lovely note but way way to loud so my question is would it be safe to cut some of the metal so it sits up a bit better and any way to quiten it down a little

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Is it the actual silencer box that won't fit because of the curved metal plate above it? If so, I wouldn't advise removing it. It's there to keep the heat on the boot floor down. Trimming a it off it may be ok if it's only a small amount.

If it's the metal bar that goes across the width of the car, behind the bumper, that's basically your crash protection.

To make it quieter, not something I hear too many requests for :), you can get a bung which goes in the end. Measure the hole size and see if you can get one online somewhere. My Jap exhaust actually came with one and it's my option to leave it out, although I put it in when the dogs are in the car.

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