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couple more questions


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Evening all

I have had the Scooby a week now and have a few under line problems. So here goes

Dry wheel bearing any decent makes recommended?

2 port boost controller, where can I purchase 1 if eBay any usual sellers?

Also when I turn left a bit hard feels like the left wheel is dragging anything common tracking maybe?

Also the other nite I had the management light flash but didn't store a code??

I am planing to do the work the week end along with a timing belt kit and water pump. Getting it ready for a remap, I may chuck a clutch in too.

It's a bug eye wrx 52 plate

When I viewed it test drove it not 1 issue and I am very anal with this stuff.

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With the bearing if its happening a lot id say be a hub chewing them but no way to tell until you get it out. As for make japparts is best bet.

Boost controllers I wouldn't recommend. Mine was disconnected I will leave it to the mappers. Personal choice but to many horror stories have put me off using mine now and my car originally was going to be a track toy though.

With the wheel drag feel maybe a sticky piston on the caliper buckled alloy wheel tracking like you say maybe just balancing.

With the ecu light unless its thrown a code up I shouldn't worry too much. Unless you get it more often [emoji4]

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