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New Member Hopefully Buying This Week


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Hi all, I'm looking at buying my first Impreza this week.  I'm looking at the WRX S, mainly because I can't afford the STi and I think it looks a lot nicer than the standard WRX.  It's a 60 plate, and as stated is the WRX S model. 


Does anybody else on here have the S model?  The one I'm looking at doesn't have the front bumper splitter, which I'm LED to believe is standard (I could be wrong).  Should I be concerned that this car has had a new bumper fitted after a front ender?  How is the splitter attached?


If the splitter has simply been removed and it is still the original bumper fitted (ie not accident damaged) should I be able to see bolt holes on the underside of the bumper?


Thanks in advance for any support/opinions.




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Thanks, but your miles away and I just pulled the plug on an 06 hawk eye with 38k on the clock in blue.

Basically cus I'm looking for something newer than what I already have, hence the Wrx-s.

Good luck with the sale though.

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Location Leeds? Typical, I was in Bradford yesterday too.

Depends on the price, and how low you call low mileage.

I'm supposed to be viewing a 60 plate with 25K this afternoon.

Your mates does sound nice, if you could send me pics, mileage, price etc that would be great.

I sent you a pm also. Thanks,


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