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Looks like you've done the arches properly. I've seen so many looking cheap and nasty. Judging by your pics they looks great. If I do get a forester I'd like to know where you got them from and who fitted them!

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Cheers mate. I got the arches from Darren at ABW. Don't be fooled though.....the arches arrived and out of the box they were a no go. They were twisted & did not fit correctly, the rears were 2 piece design that also did not line up. The fronts were 1 piece and was different height.  I basically ordered a load of fibreglass & black resin from eBay & then proceeded to chop them up. 

I widened them a further 10mm, cut the rears into 3 piece & fronts into 2 piece. It took me about 9months of !Removed!'in around & getting covered in dust to look like that !

im thinking of making molds up but I don't wanna ruin my arches in the process.  LoL. 

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Seems like an awful lot if work! You must be extremely dedicated to to your Forester. It looks great! 

I don't think I'd be able to manage it or be able to spend the time. Hats off to you. Great job!

Anytime you want to share some more angles of your Fozzi I'd love to see them. 

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