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  1. Hold on a minute.... we are talking about 4-pots replacing the oem fronts AND 2-pots replacing the oem rears? or on the rear, have you got slightly larger 1-pots replacing the smaller 1-pots(pads different shape & size) ? if your using 2-pots to replace the oem 1-pots, then yes, 1-pot to 2-pot brackets are needed. If your swapping larger 1-pots to replace smaller 1-pots I don't think it needs any brackets, just needs the correct sized discs.but not really worth swapping.
  2. What's different about them, because the fuel tanks are all the same. Or so I thought.🤔 Everything lists 92 - 00 for fuel stuff.
  3. Hi, yes front 4 pots bolt straight on with correct discs to you hubs. Get the front disc backing plates from I.c.p with the new backing plate bolts calliper bolts & yes the plates swap straight on, usually your snap a rusty old bolt that holds the backing plates on so be prepared to drill out & retap. LoL. The rear 2 pots will need the brackets& spacers kit. Usually found on eBay. For about £30 if I remember correctly.
  4. Wow. That looks like Spider-Man's steering wheel. 😬
  5. Surely that's like saying' I just bought primark jeans for £7.00, so why would anyone buy Levi's for £100.00 ?
  6. Yeah. Not finished yet though. Ran out of dyno time. Its going back for its final 'fine tuning' soon.
  7. It a cdb 2.1 stroker bc272's with a GTX3076R gen2.
  8. Yeah. I did not manage to snap a picture of the 615 run though. But this is a better view of the top half without the white info window in the way...
  9. LoL It looks clean. u got a good 5 months to plan all the mods then!......👍🏻
  10. What do ya think of the curve it makes ?
  11. I had same issue years ago, but it was the n/s front bearing that kept on failing. But mine only did about 50miles. After the second 50mile failure I got my money back from e.c.p. I bought from i.c.p & it's still on there now years later. Just ring up luke at import. He'll sort u out😉
  12. Hmmmm, ok. Well from what you just wrote, I would do a compression test & leak down test. You would need to get a mobile mechanic in to do this if your not confident in doing that. Get all the details wrote down before he leaves. Before you mentioned the low compression I was thinking it sounds like the coilpack metal (x3 in each) connectors INSIDE the black plastic connector. iv seen this issue a few times now, where coilpacks are diagnosed, but it's the connectors not making a good connection. This COULD have been the original problem. the more they are
  13. Can you explain in a bit more detail what your cylinder issue is ? & What is a fuel mix issue?
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