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  1. Found it lol.... its nkt not very clear... the iPhone viewing for this forum is not great. It’s a bit messy
  2. I can’t find the private message section I either have a message or somthings been notified as on the far right screen the 3 bars is highlighted in red saying ‘1
  3. And just followed the page.. mine me is ricer_forester sti
  4. Well hello 👻.. I joined this forum in February I think.. I never use forums anymore which years ago I used to be logged on to many forums everyday. Every now and then I hover over Scooby net and have a look at posts etc.. anyways I’m going to be more active on forums so here’s a quick up date of my forester sf5... I’ve actually just fitted some bc coilovers, reconditioned 4 pot callipers with braided lines, genuine gold F emblem for grille etc etc I actually was running some eBay coilovers lol.. it was only a temp measure but 2 years later LOL.. they actually where NOT BAD... Also 1. Who has Instagram?add me if you like.. Mine is ricer_forestersti 2. Car shows? I’m going to tag along to one if you have a stand etc and that’s ok? I went to Scottish car show this year and that was pretty decent. 3. Any local owners? I’m based on penshaw Tyne and Wear, hopefully will catch up with some folk. 4. Is there a forum app instead of using the browser? Thanks ash
  5. Hey thought would join up to the forum I own a fresh imported forester sti sf5 here it is, changed a lot since first bought it :) from the good old north east, is there any other forester owners around? ash