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  1. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    Interesting reversing camera in that top display, nope mine def doesn't do that. Shame.. Attached Pics showing Stereo fitted and Dab aerial placement on the Passenger side. I get a good reception on it.
  2. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    When you say the reversing camera still works on the upper screen, do you mean the little one at the top which displays time, mpg, wheel rotation etc? mine has never shown it there. With regards to Facia, all he told me was that it was a Toyota, but I guess that was a Toyota one for a Kenwood stereo. No worries, I'm just happy to have got it sorted
  3. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    Yes Ernie overall happy, and more importantly the wife is 😉 And hopefully the info will be of use to anyone else trying to do an upgrade in future.
  4. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    So finally it is in and 80% working, they described the car as a Bitsa, as it has bits of this and bits of that in the wiring loom. They have done several XV's and other Subaru's and never had the problems they have faced with this one. They ended up taking parts of wiring harnesses from different makes to get all of the steering wheel connections to work. The bit that doesn't work is the reversing camera, apparently the original camera will not work with any aftermarket stereo, which I find hard to believe so will do some other research. Looking at the receipt the bits I needed on top of the Stereo were as follows: 29-709 Subaru SWC C2 CT-27AA78 Toyota 2009 Aerial Adaptor CT SSU002-2 C2 CT-Multilead Universal Patch lead ICT 70-923 DAB +3db Windscreen Mount I think they also provided a Toyota Facia surround which they don't appear to have charged me for.
  5. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    So the XV spent two hours with Accutek today and the stereo still isn't fitted as they didn't have all the cables in stock, they have done all the prep work including fitting the mic, Dab aerial, harness and grinding the screws off the mounting frame as the screws were so tight they wouldn't come out with a screwdriver. Hopefully goes back next week once the cables are in stock for 30 mins to finish the install.Once I've got the list of parts needed I'll stick them on here for anyone who wants to try it.
  6. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    I took a photo in and the guy went through his database of cables available for the XV and none of them look like it, I've attached a pic below showing all of the cables which attach to the back of the stereo circled in Red.. I'll give them a call on Tuesday and see what they suggest next other than they fit it for me, tbh at the moment I'm even tempted to do that.
  7. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    So todays update is the wiring harness they got me doesn't fit, they have suggested that maybe the connectors I am seeing are a wiring harness extension and that I should chase the loom back to see if it has been extended.. What really should have been an easy 30 minute job is turning into way too much hassle.. and when I chased the wiring back I can't find any extensions being made..
  8. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    So he wasn't able to, and my Subaru dealer wasn't much help either today when it was in for 2 more recalls ( thats 3 this year) I've found a company called Accutek in Winchester who I spoke to today and they reckon they can order the cables in for me..So I've placed the order and should have them by next friday
  9. ade

    Head unit upgrade

    No there wasn't one available which fitted and when I have looked online nothing seems to meet the spec\criteria. I've just been to my local mechanic who says he may be able to source one.
  10. Sorry only just seen this, hopefully you have got it sorted but if not, it cost about £1k but they discounted the part by 25% as it was only just out of warranty.
  11. Has anyone had any success in upgrading the head unit in their XV's? If so where did you get a harness to connect the two together from? I bought a Kenwood last week, with a harness kit which when I've opened up the dash, removed the old stereo unit and tried to connect it up doesn't fit, there are several connectors not there on the new harness. I'd tried getting my Subaru dealer to price me up an upgrade but they still haven't done it, has taken them three weeks to let me know when the recall kit will be in for the other outstanding work Thanks in advance Ade
  12. Update So they have replaced the Body Control Module and all doors are now working fine..
  13. So an update on this one, The fault got worse with now only the drivers door opening from the outside with the key. I have had it to my local dealer who initially thought it was the master door locking mechanism that had faulted, they replaced it and it made no difference. So now working with Subaru techs they have determined that it is the Body Control Unit Module that has gone faulty and they have recommended replacing it. Let's see if this works!
  14. Cheers Dogconker I'll give them a call and get them to have a look at it..
  15. Hi all, I've spent a while searching through the forum looking for my particular problem and whilst I have found a nod to it I have yet to find any real detail so I'm hoping someone can help me. I've had my 2012 XV for about 2.5 years and all has been well, but for the last month or so I keep getting an intermittent problem with the central locking. It occurs whenever I finish a journey, I park, turn off the engine and 9 times out of 10 the central locking will unlock, however the rest of the time the locks don't unlock, I try the button nothing, I try the manual lock button - no change, I get the key fob out of my pocket and lock and unlock the car and after a couple of goes it works. I've changed the batteries in both key fobs to know effect. I have found that sometimes even when I am driving if I press the unlock button it has no effect. Before I book it into a dealers to have a look at has anyone come across a similar problem and been able to resolve it? Thanks in advance Ade