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  1. Update So they have replaced the Body Control Module and all doors are now working fine..
  2. So an update on this one, The fault got worse with now only the drivers door opening from the outside with the key. I have had it to my local dealer who initially thought it was the master door locking mechanism that had faulted, they replaced it and it made no difference. So now working with Subaru techs they have determined that it is the Body Control Unit Module that has gone faulty and they have recommended replacing it. Let's see if this works!
  3. Cheers Dogconker I'll give them a call and get them to have a look at it..
  4. Hi all, I've spent a while searching through the forum looking for my particular problem and whilst I have found a nod to it I have yet to find any real detail so I'm hoping someone can help me. I've had my 2012 XV for about 2.5 years and all has been well, but for the last month or so I keep getting an intermittent problem with the central locking. It occurs whenever I finish a journey, I park, turn off the engine and 9 times out of 10 the central locking will unlock, however the rest of the time the locks don't unlock, I try the button nothing, I try the manual lock button - no change, I get the key fob out of my pocket and lock and unlock the car and after a couple of goes it works. I've changed the batteries in both key fobs to know effect. I have found that sometimes even when I am driving if I press the unlock button it has no effect. Before I book it into a dealers to have a look at has anyone come across a similar problem and been able to resolve it? Thanks in advance Ade