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  1. My 2009 Outback has developed a speed related whine from the back somewhere. I've checked the diff oil and that's OK. From conversations on this forum it seems a wheel bearing is a possible culprit. I'm using the car for 500 miles on holiday next week, so if it is the bearing I'm thinking it will be OK to leave it. The one thing I did want to make sure of though, is that it isn't caused by the mismatch in tyre sizes between front and rear. I had 2 brand new tyres put on the front about 6 months ago, whereas the backs are about 50% worn. If it is confusing the AWD system would it cause a whine like this?
  2. S O L V E D hooray! It was phone pairing suggestion that put me on to it. My car was fitted with an after market Parrot handsfree set, which I've never used nor given much thought to. It was connected through the car radio and if the connections are dodgy it seems the unit gives a series of bleeps through the car speakers even though the radio is off (which is why I had trouble locating the source) I've now removed the pesky thing and I'm 95% sure that's cured it. While I've got the trim off I might even tidy up the dash cam wiring. Also relieved it wasn't a Subaru problem as I didn't really want to break into the car looms. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks for further suggestions. No not speed warning, happens at random times sometimes when car is at tickover. Ditto low brake pads (beeps when car is stationary) /seat belts (beeps when seatbelts on or off) / low fuel (does it at all fuel levels) No sat nav fitted. Will try driving opening the doors and with tailgate open. If you hear of accident in Wales involving Subaru Outback you'll know why.
  4. Just done a test on OBD2 and no faults found. It's def not the dashcam, I only fitted that a few weeks ago and this bleeping has been going on for 6 months or so. It's difficult to tell from the video but it's quite an aggressive sound, more like an alarm than a warning.
  5. I've been out in the car today, and no, no warning lights coming on when the bleeps happen. Seatbelts are OK, regular warning when I don't put it on, the bleeps occur both with just me (the driver) wearing a belt and when a passenger does. No lane departure warning fitted. Don't know about audible engine warnings. Normally when there is a fault I get a visual warning on the dash (engine management light) - which I can then find with an OBD2 analyser. Can't find any references in the manual. Thanks for continued thoughts though.
  6. Thanks for suggestion. Only just fitted the dash cam though (hence the untidy wiring that will probably end up staying like that!) and it's been making this bleeping for a while now.
  7. Thanks for reply. Fitted a decent quality new battery 6 months ago, so I don't think it's that. I wonder if it could be the door/tailgate open sensors being intermittent? I'll try and remember to look at the dash next time it does it and see if there are any warning lights on at the same time. More unnecessary electronics causing grief!
  8. My 2009 diesel Outback bleeps 5 times in rapid succession at seemingly random times. I can't find anything in the manual or on line to explain it and it's very annoying! Does anyone know what it's about please?