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  1. I'll give it a go thanks Still not sure how much to ask for as its low miles and very clean
  2. It bidded up to £3800 on eBay but they Neva payed. Were is beat for me to advertise it?
  3. Yeah I'm the same as you there are none for sale 2on ebay fresh imports 70000 but auto £5999. And one 2years older at 3600 on bidding. Think its hard to find the JDM wrx bug don't under stand y as the spec is a lot better then UK one. I just put it up for £3400
  4. Hello how much so you all reckon I should price my car at? JDM bugeye 88k Just had cam belt very clean inside and out around 300bhp
  5. Thanks. At the moment had turbo back exhaust hks bov. Hks induction and a live remap. Did have carbon splitter but it got stolen. And I'm in two minds to keep it or sell it as applying for a mortgage ( I did sell last week to a man but he wanted to strip it in parts so did not let him have it :/