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  1. Hi everyone Does anyone have any intel on when the m/y 2019 Forester is coming to Europe/UK? I believe it goes on sale on 1 Oct in North America. It looks a great car - I want one! Cheers
  2. I've already contacted your company - I was told that the car can only be insured once it's in the UK. Since I'm planning to drive the car from Sweden, I'm after temporary insurance for the drive back to UK. After much research I've found a couple of potential Swedish insurers who are prepared to offer me insurance on the vehicle for the drive back and while it remains on Swedish export plates.
  3. On the Forester 2018 is it possible to switch the current displayed digital speed to/from km/h and mph? (I'm currently negotiating buying a LHD Forester from Sweden.)
  4. I'm in the process of negotiating buying my first Subaru - a LHD Forester. Since I'm imporing the car from Sweden, the speedo is graduated in KM/H - to register the car in UK its legal a requirement to show the speed in MPH. I've found a source of replacement dials ( Does anyone have any experience of converting the speedo to MPH using these dials? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the welcome, Andrew & Geoff. I'm currently negotiating the purchase of a LHD Forester from Sweden. Getting excited about my first Subaru!!
  6. I'm negotiating purchasing a new Subaru Forester from a dealer in Sweden. I'm looking to drive this car to the UK on Swedish export plates. Does anyone know of an insurer that can provide temporary insurance for this vehicle to cover me while the car is being driven from Sweden, and while its undergoing the registeration process in UK? Thanks
  7. Are snow chains recommended for the Forester (2018 model)? If so, to which wheels should they be attached? Subaru UK can't give me an answer.
  8. Hi Everyone I'm thinking to buy my first Subaru - a Forester. I'm really excited about the technology, and especially the car's capabilities in snow and wintery conditions. My wife and I are planning to move to northern Italy and I'm looking to source a new LHD Forester. Does anyone have any tips about contacting UK-based dealers to help with this? Alternatively, has anyone a dealer recommendation abroad? Cheers Steve
  9. Hi Everyone Newbie forum member here. I'm in the process of looking to buy my first Subaru - I'm looking at a Forester. I'm really excited about the technology, especially the car's capabilities in snow and for winter driving. My wife and I are planning to move to northern Italy, and in the shadow of the Alps the winters can be severe. The Forester should be an ideal vehicle for coping with alpine wintery conditions. But I'm also looking to source a new LHD Forester to import into Italy - does anyone have any tips for sourcing a LHD Subaru? Cheers! Steve