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  1. Back again! Pulled back the rubber cover between tailgate and body; pulled back the surrounding covers and head- lining but no evidence of chaffing/ bare or broken wires in this area! Fuses:- Got to me thinking regarding pulling fuses. So, systematically I went through all the fuses both in the engine bay and in the cab with the stalk in the Sidelight selected position and the Fog Light switch in the Off position; as per usual the Rear Fog is illuminated. So the only fuses that killed the rear fog light were as follows:- In the cab— No.1 Rear Fog Light,,,, & No.16 The Illumination ??? And in the Engine bay — No. 15 The Parking Switch fuse??? What surprised me was pulling the Illumination fuse (the clocks lighting feed) killed the rear fog light , I wouldn’t of thought these two items would be sharing a common feed. If anyone has any ideas , suggestions or explanations I would very grateful.....
  2. Thanx guys for your suggestions I’ll have a go at pulling the fuse see what happens and peel back the rubber sleeving at the tailgate to see if there is an actual short in that area. Fingers crossed hey!!!
  3. Hi there, I have a faulty sensor so purchased one online, happy days or so I thought ; it arrived today but the Female connector is not compatible with the existing Male connector on my Outback? (A 55 plate H6 3.0). The supplier rechecked his data base and tells me there is no alternative listed against my Reg and it is the correct part- Oh no it’s not ! - Oh yes it is - Oh no it’s not! Now he’s asking me for the part number off the original Abs sensor so he can source a comparable one; hmmm, problem , there isn’t one on it. Does anyone know this part number or where the best place might be to acquire said part number..Please!
  4. Thanx for the response Greenmamba; That’s the wierd thing about this ..... with the front fog in the off position on the stalk and by selecting the sidelight position only, Hey presto - I have a bright shiney rear fog light??? Grrrrrrrrr! Now ; by selecting the front fogs on the stalk the front fogs light up; now I have both fogs indicated live on the instrument panel ; but when I rotate the fog switch forward to turn the rear fog off, guess what happens........ Nothing the bugger laughs in my face and remains illuminated Hmmm, the only thing I’ve noticed is the rear fog panel light momentarily goes out but then pops right back on again. It just doesn’t make sense , can’t figure where it’s getting it’s 12v feed from, checked the earths on the car ,,,,,,,all ok, well the ones I can find and get access to. Not found any bad connections, or suspect wiring under the dash or routing back to the tailgate! I tried a little experiment the other day by pulling the relay to the rear fogs; having the sidelights to on and front fogs off ; it killed the little bugger Outback but the rear fog panel light remained illuminated, then I rotated the fog switch to the fronts to on and then through to the rear , cycling between On/Off....same old same old - rear fog panel light disappears momentarily , refit the relay and Surprise Surprise, it’s back again? It it possible that the circuit board in the instrument panel is faulty and when selecting the sidelights , it lights up the panel and from that somehow it is feeding the rear fog light..... independently of the stalk switch..... Just a crazy idea I have! Any suggestions are more than welcome , once again thanx for taking the time .....
  5. Hi being a Newbie not sure this is the right place for this topic....but here goes. Rear fog should only come on when the headlights are selected and you select it on your stalk.. Yes!,, Oh No,no ,no! Mine turns itself on when I select my sidelights and stays on permanently completely ignoring my instructions or attempts to turn the renegade light off??? Tried the replacing of the left stalk.. Nope still ignoring my commands. Tried the changing of the relays both in the engine bay and inside the car , Nope...being defiant it still refuses to head my commands .....Aaaaaaaahhhh give me that hammer now!!! I’m very frustrated at driving around with a huge red invitation to be pulled by the boys in blue........... Any suggestions, help or advice would be great.....absolutely love my flat 6 , great machines this being my second Outback . Thanks from Mark...