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  1. Yeah i was toying with the idea of running a pre 05 sports cat and unequal headers as i know the centre section joins to either the old set up or the new. Was just wondering how much modification was needed to make them fit. My other idea was to try wrx headers and modify a flange for the n/a 2nd pipe where the uppipe flange is. If its just a case of extending a few pipes i may go the pre05 way as that seems easier. But as im sure you found out, in your head its easy in real life not so much lol
  2. Sorry to drag up a very old post but im looking at unequals for my r sport and im toying with the idea of pre <05 ebay headers and sport cat rather than a full custom direct fit, and seeing how much moding they need to fit. Just wondered how you ended up doing it @HawkeyeLawrence any info would be great info pal. Tia
  3. i have just taken ownership of a 2006 hawk 2.0 R Sport, with the EJ204 engine with AVCS. it really needs the exhaust seeing to as it sounds like a Honda Civic and would like to unlock a little more of a burble from it. does anyone have any info or were to either buy or how to mod some unequal length headers for a 2006 2.0r non turbo. i do know that they cant be bought as easily as the pre 2005 non turbo engines, but i have been told that wrx headers will work with some modification?? tia