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  1. Does anybody know what adapter I need to be able to fit an aftermarket unit in. The off the shelf iso adapter is too big
  2. Was thinking maybe around the £300 mark, I would drop the camera if needed. Phone connectivity is the most important thing for me.
  3. Just bought a fresh import 2007 forester and the touchscreen is in Japanese and it’s very temperamental. Has anyone recently fitted a new unit or has any advice on a decent one, I’m stuck in the house at the moment with a bad ankle so can’t get out to look at them so any help is appreciated. All i I want it Bluetooth or I phone connectivity, there’s a reverse cam fitted so ideally something that will connect to that and possibly dab. I want something decent but don’t want to go mad on spending. thanks
  4. Just general info really, also about the entertainment system. I’m looking to change the jap Panasonic one for a UK one with Bluetooth.
  5. Hi, due to pick up a fresh jdm import 2007 forester cross sports edition so the 2.0l turbo. Does anyone know if there are any pages or forums dedicated to the jdm’s or can someone point me in the direction of some info. thanks
  6. Hi all, im from South Wales area looking for an Impreza estate (preferably 04 on), I've got a kayak and am hoping to use it for transporting it and still have a bit of fun. I'm coming from a BMW M135i, but have always like jap cars having had type r's, 200sx. theres a few about for sale that I'm interested in, can anybody clear up if I can add a roof rack if the car doesn't already have the side rails. Some of them seem to have them and others don't, I'm assuming you can get the side rails then add a roof rack to that but would like clarification before I go and see some. is there anything in particular to look out for when looking for one. if anyone knows of someone selling a decent one, send them my way. thanks