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  1. karenmc66

    Navigation help

  2. karenmc66

    Navigation help

    Thanks Shms I have been able to set it to the uk but it defaults back to Russia when I hit navigate after putting in the uk address and it tells me how to get there from Russia lol....
  3. karenmc66

    Navigation help

    This is the unit, I think it is original. The top gps button has an sd card behind it. But are you saying I could get a disc to update it? Thanks for your reply btw.
  4. karenmc66

    Navigation help

    Hi I've just bought my first Subaru and I love it. It's a 2010 Legacy. But I cannot get the navigation to work because the home town starting point is in Russia. I've tried everything and my techy son has had a look too. Does anyone know how I change this? I noticed today there is a mini sd card in there. Is it anything to do with this?