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    Couple of questions

    HI, I'm in the market for anew car and I'm looking at a wrx sti widetrack (blop eye) or other turbo cars :) , whats the main things to look out for that go wrong ? or potentially go wrong ? I'm looking at a couple of widetracks around £8k mark 2 have been modified one been stage 1 with Meerkat 3" exhaust and a Andy Forrest remap 347hp the other been stage 2 td racing engine remap 345bhp both have full service and one says its had two cambelt and a waterpump change with 15 service stamps and that is sitting at 69,000 and a new 4 piece clutch at 67,000. Are these engine millage sensitive ? i own a fn2 Type R and know the engines last for ever is serviced correct , basically what should i look for when buying one ? i have other cars i'm looking at like a mk6/mk7 gti and a dc5 type r but leaning more towards a wrx sti, the only thing holding me back not knowing how much it costs to run and maintain hahah any help sorry if posted in wrong section Matty