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  1. Selling my beloved hatch. Pretty much a standard car other than a panel filter and a cutback exhaust from Cobb which cost me the best of 1K. Really subtle exhaust and well worth the money. Gives a beautiful note and doesn't drone the cabin at all. Take a look and make a bid if you're interested.
  2. Hi all, Great to join the forum. Hoping I can call on some experienced minds in the future. As an ex-mechanic of 5/6 years I am pretty confident with most jobs, but the Subaru is quite a different beast in some aspects to European cars I’ve always worked on. Car wise I have a lovely STI hatchback. Purchased from an older gentleman, who bought it fully loaded. Completely standard when purchased. Only things I’ve changed are cosmetic beside a K&N panel filter. Couple of Perrin shields under the bonnet to make it look slightly less disappointing (engine looks great but the paint work and surrounding isn’t that pleasing) and of course the rally mud flaps. Stil looks fairly subtle, how I intend on keeping it. Also have a Cobb cat back system currently being shipped over. Based in London / Surrey, be great to meet others nearby.