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  1. wher do we find the keypad 4 digit code as I have the same problem???
  2. Hi can anybody help me try and find another main beam lamp for my car as its cracked hoping not to buy another lamp! lamp is the bottom right
  3. oh ok thankyou for your reply I obviously didn't pay all that I did a trade in but I have loads of receipts for this car some are wow very steep on gearboxes and maps that's why I would like someone to look over or explain some of these invoices could be for.
  4. Hi everyone Just bought my first Subaru and so far I love its a 2002 plate is that too old?? its has so much done to it I was hoping if there was anyone around the Rushden, Northants area who could check her out and the invoices to help explain clearer what it has had done to it! hopefully be nice to meet up with you guys Stuart