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  1. Cheers. I’ve been offered a couple but both over £5000 and I don’t want to spend that much. Couple of others have recently sold sold on Facebook groups for £2000 which were on the road. So guess I just have to wait and find the right one.
  2. Cheers. One will show up at some point
  3. Hi. Just signed up. Never owned a Subaru before and im after a Subaru brat/mv284 own a couple of classic cars already but want a usable classic as a daily driver, and the brat is what im after. If anyone knows one forsale please let me know Paul.
  4. Hi. I’ve just signed up. Ive been searching for a Subaru brat for a while now and haven’t had much luck. Looking for a ready to go truck to be my daily driver. Anyone got anything forsale or know someone with one? thanks. Paul.