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  1. Looks like they've given up and are now saying to me that they can't fix it. Pretty gutting as it's otherwise a nice car. Not sure how big of a rabbit hole it could be if I took it :(
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've also now found a workshop manual, and yes as suspected it's a single blower but uses doors/flaps to direct the air. My guess is that there's something going on with either one of these doors or a bit of debris around the evaporator. Hopefully the dealership technicians can trace it tomorrow, so far they've had no luck :-( Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Hi folks, I've been lurking in here for a good while, but this is my first post. Hope you may be able to help...... After months of searching, today I've put down a deposit on what will be my first subaru, a 60-plate WRX STI saloon. My order has come with a few conditions for the dealer to meet, the biggest of which is to fix an annoying squeak from the A/C... But they're struggling so I'm hoping for some help in diagnosing it for them so I can get what seems otherwise a very good car. If you have just the blowers on, everything is fine but as soon as (and only when) the A/C is switched on there is what sounds like a squeak or chirp almost like a fan squeaking. This can only be heard in the cabin, the only noise from the compressor under the bonnet is subtle and nothing like the squeak heard inside so I don't feel that this is the cause. Any suggestions?? I did wonder if there is a secondary fan in the cabin for A/C only?? Seemed unlikely to me. I'm told that so far the dealer has vac tested and re-gassed the system and this hasn't fixed it. Am I correct in thinking that there's a cabin air filter and blower unit housed behind the glovebox? Any info gratefully received. Cheers, Ben Sent from my KFSUWI using Tapatalk