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  1. its the wires going to the coil on the car i cant work out. dont know which wires do what.
  2. trying to get it to pop and spit flames
  3. is there something else on the market that will do the same thing.
  4. has anyone fitted an omex rev limiter on their car. i have fitted one and cant get it to work. dont know if i have wired it up wrong to the coil packs. there are four wires. red. black. blue and black with a blue stripe. i know the black is positive but dont know what the others are.
  5. found out what was wrong with it. there was no fuel in the tank. the dash said there was nearly half a tank in it.
  6. hi all. my name is robert. i have finally bought myself a subaru impreza after months of saving. traveled from south wales to stoke on trent to buy it. its a 2000 sports with a sti engine fitted. has a few problems but will put it right . loving the power. bit diferent from my seat leon 1.9 tdi.
  7. will buy one and see what happens. cheers.
  8. is that the filter on the end of the pump. because that one is new.
  9. never thought of that. will have to buy one.
  10. only just bought it. i think it was done quite recently.
  11. car started to missfire. eventually stopped,and wouldnt start. thought it might be the fuel pump so i bought a new up rated one. the car started and run nice. took it for a spin,and about a mile down the road it done it again. wont start again.