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  1. Hey guys, Thought i'd best update this thread as there have been, shall we say, developments :). I'm now the (very) proud owner of a 2005 WRX! Snagged a great car in great condition at a great price - can't complain! Already started to spend money on a few bits and bobs for it, needed a new wheel arch liner for front driver side, and will need a new clear fog light cover for front passenger side although I might get the blue fog light covers for those yet anyway. Would like to get a nice touch screen system and tidy up the interior but overall it's tidy, and most importantly, i'm very happy! Have a great new year, and look forward to sharing progress with the car and hopefully learning from you guys. Timmy
  2. Evening all! My name's Matt AKA 'Timmy', I'm 30 and from Lincoln in England, UK. I'm currently on the market to buy a Subaru Impreza as I need a fun car to drive throughout winter (and probably summer!) in the cold icy months when I can't ride my motorcycles. Absolutely love the Impreza, think in the back of my tiny little brain I've always wanted one, just never had the balls to buy one. I really love the blobeye models, will probably have around £3,000-£4,000 to spend and may look to p/x one of my motorcycles if I find the right car (and someone who's into motorcycles! 😂). Hoping I can get hold of a nice blobeye WRX and really take care of it, would really like to work on the car myself and do what I can to keep costs down like services etc. Gonna be honest, i'm a tech geek, wizard with computers and games etc. but not overly mechanically minded so that's gonna be fun! I have no idea how to change oil etc. but I'm keen to learn. Look forward to speaking with lots of like-minded people. Peace! Timmy xox