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  1. Has anyone had Recall notices regarding the petrol tank wiring?
  2. Hello - update on my Scooby for anyone else who may encounter problems. Had to pay for my car to be transported 30 miles from the MOT garage to Keith Price Motors. RAC wouldn't cover the costs of transport as it was from garage to garage. Quite alarming to see all over the failure certificate ' DANGEROUS - UNFIT TO DRIVE. The Volvo garage holding the car also wouldn't let me drive it because of the Brake pipe leaking - by the time the car had sat there stationary for a couple of days, there was no brake fluid in the car at all. Now at Keith Price over Christmas period awaiting parts from Japan.
  3. FEEBLE inspection being the operative word. Now my car is unfit to drive, according to the MOT
  4. INCIDENTALLY - there is another recall - regarding the fuel tank???? Anyone else had this recall? Keith Price told me about his one which is outstanding on my car - Budgen didn't mention it!
  5. Hello - thank you Jay762 - my Subaru has now been deemed unfit to drive!!! At the end of August the car was passed off as 'Fine - no further action needed' by Budgen Motors, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Now after the MOT it has been deemed UNSAFE and DANGEROUS because of the brake fluid leak above the petrol tank - which I am told by the technician at the garage it is stranded at - can only be the FAULTY BRAKE PIPE. Subaru have, incidentally run out of the part apparently. I now have to pay £100.00 plus to get it to another Subaru Dealer (Keith Price Motors) and get the problem fixed. I am in deep now at the point of no return. I'm am totally angry!!!!!!!
  6. Hi - Yes the MOT station said the area was not visible but the leak is coming from the vicinity where the recall issue was located. But apparently they are supposed to coat it with some substance - I don't know how they car access the area that easily. Just a coincidence - if I had have left the recall appointment for another month then the problem would had been obvious.
  7. There was no work carried out - and the leak is coming from the rear near side I believe (it's with a garage at the moment), around the area of the petrol tank. The Subaru dealer said they have checked it, but it would not be visible during an MOT inspection. Now it will cost transport costs of approx £130.00 to get it to a Subaru workshop approx 30 miles away from the MOT station, and then £500.00 for the repair.
  8. Hi - it was just an inspection. They said there wasn't a leak when they checked it but it just seems a coincidence that there's one now. It's going to cost around £500.00 to get it put right - Subaru haven't any of the parts in stock.
  9. My pet Subaru Leggie has recently had a Brake Pipe recall from Subaru (UK), I took it to Budgen Motors (newly appointed) for the recall in August In September there was a brake fluid leak and the brake light came on, but disappeared when the fluid was topped up. In November, Scooby failed his MOT due to Brake fluid leak. Budgen Motors have said it has nothing to do with them, they carried out the check and it wasn't leaking. Has any one else had similar issues?