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  1. Its not anything serious as its very intermittent. Engine is fine no smoke. Oil clean all levels fine its just a sensor making it run like an absolute pile of junk. More annoying than anything
  2. Its original airbox. I might sound old fashioned here but whats tgv stand for?
  3. Yes bud wrx.. running V power as it was mapped on that.. its so hesitant its ridiculous.. bit mythed that the ecu hasn't picked anything up other than misfire 1234..
  4. Hey guys so bought my 3rd subaru other week. Its a 57 hatchback impreza. Duel mapped by Andy Forrest. Soon as i took it through the 40 mile drive home i noticed a the throttle needle bouncing around a tiny bit and some hesitation along the way. And a more noticable when i eased off the gas it kept going Parked it up and took it out the next day and it started to surge whilst holding throttle bit more noticeable around 3.5k Took it on a long drive and wow i was on the motoway and at 70 it was hunting like crazy and knocking and coughing and spluttering.. all this brought the cruise light on and the engine management lights It eventually died on me and wouldnt start for about 15 mins. Managed to limp it to the Subaru specialists, got it plugged in it said misfire 1234, Got it reset and was fine for a very small while then lights came on again. I booked it in to be looked at but when it was all tested the plugs were fine and all sensors ran spot on. I was recommended to have the map taken off and redone for just one map. I drove it half way home and then all of a sudden the car wouldn't drive ove 2k revs and was backfiring and coughing like crazy it eventually died on me and wouldnt start again and had to leave it 15 mins. Then managed to limp it back to the garage.. Had fuel pump pressure tested- was ok The crankshaft sensor is seized in the oil pump so waiting on that. Has anyone experienced any of these issues its really annoying especially when you lift your foot off the throttleand the car keeps accelerating and it randomly revs ad oc Cheers