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  1. Thanks. I heard about the post 06 road tax being an absolute rip off. Why so though?
  2. Hi guys. So after my e60 kept breaking to the point the engine have up, I've decided to buy a temp car and went for a very basic 138bhp legacy from 2004. Needless to say, I am not going back to BMW and now in the market for a faster and better legacy - as a matter if fact I'll be importing one from Japan soon. My question. I've read a lot about different types of trims. Correct me if I'm wrong, GT trim is equivalent to a WRX and the Spec B is equivalent to an STi. But I've seen a lot of different type of trims such as: 2007 2.0 LEGACY R - what's an R? I guess it sits below GT. How many horses does it pack and is this a non-turbo? Would this only have a 5 speed box? 2007 LEGACY GT - this is similar to WRX with around 260bhp for an automatic and 280bhp for a manual? They have a turbo but only a 5 speed box? 2007 LEGACY R SPEC B - is this better than a standard GT? I though that SPEC B was meant to be the top level and came with better suspension and a 6 speed manual only. Correct? How many horses and is this an N/A? 2007 LEGACY GT SPEC B - I'm getting confused now. So this would be the best and better than R SPEC B? Same amount of horses as a standard GT but has a 6 speed manual? Thanks guys.
  3. I don't know yet but either will do tbh. I went from having 177bhp in a torque mad 5 series to 138bhp which isn't enough to put a smile on my face. Anything with circa 240bhp will do though.
  4. Just to close the loop and in case anyone ever getsbthe same question as me. My car is a 2.0i from 2004. Very basic model as I needed an A to B vehicle, however now fell in love with Subaru brand and will be importing one from Japan this year, a Legacy Spec B!!! My current car though, it has a key with 1 button only, which works to close, open the car as well as open the boot and an ability to trigger panic mode (anti theft). It also has an immobiliser. Here's how it all works: Unlock - press a button once Lock - press a button once Open boot - when unlocking the car you have to hold the button until you hear the boot mechanism unlock Panic - when the car is locked, press and hold the unlock and then press lock for 10 seconds. Immobiliser: once you come to a stop and want to switch the car off, switch off the ignition and pull the key - immobiliser should automatically engage by default and a red key flashes. To start the car, put the key and switch ignition on but don't start the car, now whilst the key is in the ignition, press the unlock button and start the car. That's pretty much what I've learnt during the weekend. My car key battery was nearly dead so wouldn't respond to me pressing the buttons every now and again. I hope this helps. Will crawl through the forums to find out what upgrades I can get in the future once I get my hands on a Spec B.
  5. Cool, I'll try it today and see if it works.
  6. Thanks bud. This was actually killing me too! I've bought my first ever Subaru and it's a lovely machine, albeit a 2.0i and basic trim, I still love it. I come from an e60 520d M Sport which had every available option, which also became a money pit with mega expensive repairs; unfortunately it died a month ago too so I decided to buy a good old Japanese car that will outlive any German car. But anyways. The boot scenario was one thing that shocked me. Another thing is the key, unlock and lock. Everytime I drive, stop, switch the ignition off (for example to fill my car up at the petrol station), then get back in the car and it simply won't start unless I press a button on the key twice, weird. I'll get used to it lol. Love the subaru soundtrack it makes though!
  7. Thanks for the prompt response. The thing is, there is usually a button or something which is common sense. I tried looking underneath the numberplates where the lights are based but nothing. No key hole. So strange. I'll triple check tomorrow to see that I'm not going completely bonkers.
  8. Hi guys. Was wondering if on the (2004) 4th Gen Legacy B4, the only way to open the boot is from inside the car near the fuel lever? Like, there's no button anywhere on the boot lol. What is this sorcery?! I was looking for a key hole but there's nothing.