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  1. Job done! He was on his own today so it took him around 5 hours to complete the job - I did pester him every other hour or so though as I had tons of questions about modifying my car (i.e. adding a turbo in the future - PERRIN Subaru H6 Project Build post on the internet). I'm extremely happy with the job. Tim knows his cars and was quite professional. He stamped my service book and provided a proper invoice. I can't recommend Tim Farmer enough! Here are his digits in case anyone needs him: 07880661866 Will use him again to change my discs, pads, anti roll bar droplinks and exhaust next month.
  2. Tim (SUBBUS) came exactly at the specified time - I'm OCD about punctuality so this was a great start. Having spoken to him, he put me in confidence as, like everyone else states on forums, he really knows his cars; I can't say the same when I spoke to mechanics at Subaru Cambridge main dealer. Currently changing the diff oil, gearbox filter, gearbox oil, plugs (full service) and also checking on my brakes as I suspect the pins are seizing. Also managed to tell me exactly what the front left knock was all about, which turned out to be the anti roll bar drop links. So far he has been amazing! I will provide further info once he has finished the work.
  3. Good thing I cancelled my appointment with Subaru as by the looks of it, all they do is take your money without having the slightest knowledge about cars. You'll probably get better experience at Kwik Fit. Very sad indeed. I've booked my car for a full service (including plugs and all the gearbox / off oil) with Subbus / Tim Farmer. I've researched and it looks like this guy has been looking after a lot of Scoobies across the East Anglia - well known in the community. I'll put my feedback here for everyone to see for future reference.
  4. I gave Tim Farmer a call today and have booked him; apparently he used to work for Zen Performance and knows his Subarus in and out (also everyone seem to vouch for him) - Tim sounded like he knows his cars pretty well and I couldn't say the same about half the garages I rang today. I told him about my brakes squeaking and steering wheel shaking when I brake at around 60mph; he said it could just be the sliders as they are prone to seize. I've read tons of reviews on forums where people used him for years - so will give him a go. Works out cheaper and more convenient than the main dealer. Will post my experience afterwards.
  5. Thought I'd post an update. I rang quite a few garages within 60 miles radius and most charge more than the main dealer - shocking! A few local garages charge considerably less at around £119 - £150 for a full service, however when asked what oil they'd be using, they told me it's anything they have in a barrel - I'd rather pay a bit more and have quality stuff in my engine TBH. I asked if I could bring my own oil and they said no because they have to make money on parts sold. Then I rang quite a few Subaru Specialists and they were pretty much on par with Cambridge main dealer so I don't see a point to take my car to them if it'll cost the same money + main dealer can lend me their car whilst mine is being serviced. I rang Subaru Norwich and other areas nearby which all seem to charge £100 more for a service than Cambridge garage. What remains a mystery is that when I owned an Audi and BMW, the specialists were considerably cheaper and better experienced than the main dealer; however with Subaru I'm a bit lost as it beats the purpose of taking your car to a specialist when main dealer works out closer and cheaper. Just an example, Subaru Cambridge wants £299 for a full service; add diff and gearbox oils and it is £520. Extreme Scoobies charge £510 for a full service with the above mentioned oils and are based further away from me. Why are specialists so expensive?
  6. I found Extreme Scoobies on the net. They're down near Chelmsford and seem to have good reputation. I'll give them a call on Monday as want my brakes checked too.
  7. Thanks, I've seen tons of posts about Tim Farmer but wasn't aware he was based around Cambridge. Will give him a call.
  8. Thanks for the response. I've phoned a few garages up today (indies) and they told me they'd struggle with servicing a Subaru as they've never touched this kind of a car... oh dear. So the only thing most garages could do is a full service. A few garages were even more expensive than the main dealer (perks of living in a village). Damn... I didn't know it was so hard to find someone to look after a Scooby. I wouldn't want to travel 2 hours in order to service a car, but it looks like there is nobody out there that can help me with the gearbox / diff oil change other than the stealers.
  9. That's exactly my aim. I've given Zen Performance a call as they're around the corner from me. Anyone have any experience with them? The guy told me they don't see many Legacies at all as most of them are donor cars and was surprised to hear my model is an auto and a 3.0 Spec B. Waiting to hear back from him now.
  10. Main dealer quotes: £299 for a full service (£312 in Nottingham) £231 for spark plugs (this is a 10 year service so not required now - so they tell me (£520 in nottingham which is included in the 10 year service) Front diff - £63 Rear diff - £54 Tyres (2x P7s) - £175 Diagnostic - £97 per hour. So yeah, really want to find a Subaru specialist that can do all of this for half the cost.
  11. Hello all, I'm back (not that anyone knows me). I've previously had a gen 4 Legacy 2.0i and I was extremely impressed by its reliability and economy. Yesterday I bought an 09 Legacy 3.0R Spec B and oh my, what a car! Feels a lot quicker than my MK7 GTI Performance by a margin. Long story short, I'm struggling to find a Subaru specialist around the Cambridgeshire area. There is a Subaru main dealer but their quotes are as high as VW main dealer themselves! I'm looking to have a full service, gearbox and diff oil changed (cab someone please tell me the rough quotes you paid?). So far, every non-specialist garage I called have told me that either they've never dealt with a Subaru or that they can't perform gearbox / diff oil change. I don't want to go around 3 garages to perform different things. I'll admit I'm a little bit paranoid when it comes to garages because I have been lied to and ripped off in the past by some independent specialists.
  12. Thanks. I heard about the post 06 road tax being an absolute rip off. Why so though?
  13. Hi guys. So after my e60 kept breaking to the point the engine have up, I've decided to buy a temp car and went for a very basic 138bhp legacy from 2004. Needless to say, I am not going back to BMW and now in the market for a faster and better legacy - as a matter if fact I'll be importing one from Japan soon. My question. I've read a lot about different types of trims. Correct me if I'm wrong, GT trim is equivalent to a WRX and the Spec B is equivalent to an STi. But I've seen a lot of different type of trims such as: 2007 2.0 LEGACY R - what's an R? I guess it sits below GT. How many horses does it pack and is this a non-turbo? Would this only have a 5 speed box? 2007 LEGACY GT - this is similar to WRX with around 260bhp for an automatic and 280bhp for a manual? They have a turbo but only a 5 speed box? 2007 LEGACY R SPEC B - is this better than a standard GT? I though that SPEC B was meant to be the top level and came with better suspension and a 6 speed manual only. Correct? How many horses and is this an N/A? 2007 LEGACY GT SPEC B - I'm getting confused now. So this would be the best and better than R SPEC B? Same amount of horses as a standard GT but has a 6 speed manual? Thanks guys.
  14. I don't know yet but either will do tbh. I went from having 177bhp in a torque mad 5 series to 138bhp which isn't enough to put a smile on my face. Anything with circa 240bhp will do though.
  15. Just to close the loop and in case anyone ever getsbthe same question as me. My car is a 2.0i from 2004. Very basic model as I needed an A to B vehicle, however now fell in love with Subaru brand and will be importing one from Japan this year, a Legacy Spec B!!! My current car though, it has a key with 1 button only, which works to close, open the car as well as open the boot and an ability to trigger panic mode (anti theft). It also has an immobiliser. Here's how it all works: Unlock - press a button once Lock - press a button once Open boot - when unlocking the car you have to hold the button until you hear the boot mechanism unlock Panic - when the car is locked, press and hold the unlock and then press lock for 10 seconds. Immobiliser: once you come to a stop and want to switch the car off, switch off the ignition and pull the key - immobiliser should automatically engage by default and a red key flashes. To start the car, put the key and switch ignition on but don't start the car, now whilst the key is in the ignition, press the unlock button and start the car. That's pretty much what I've learnt during the weekend. My car key battery was nearly dead so wouldn't respond to me pressing the buttons every now and again. I hope this helps. Will crawl through the forums to find out what upgrades I can get in the future once I get my hands on a Spec B.