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  1. cheers bud, yep ill be down there, will look odd with 1 black wheel 😂 but itll be ok untill i get a set done in gold.
  2. well last week i finally got to MOT my blob, its so nice to be back driving a subaru again, the fuel useage is better than i remember too, still a few small bits i want to sort before i start on upgrades, but im chuffed.
  3. they are next on the list along with kieth michaels
  4. so i rang adrian flux today, and best they can do is over £3000, i think ill give that a miss lol average quotes ive had are around £1000, best being £560
  5. ill still give them a bell, but i dont see it dropping £2000 inline with the rest
  6. cheers dan, but i did see a quote on confused with yourselves for over £3000 so i dont think i will tah
  7. oh yes couldnt let it go scrap, its not badly rusted, mainly rear arches, its the wiring more, and its sat for so long, it used to belong to a friend and some kids tried to steal it, when thry hotwired it they blew the main ignition fuse, so my friend just left it sitting. offered it to me for a good priced and i bought it without question and before i was ready to do anything with it.
  8. i totally agree, ive wanted 1 for so long its unreal, tho its nothing to be jelous of, its not exactly roadworthy ...yet 😂
  9. certainly has, jap spec with the seatbelts on the door aswell
  10. absolutely agree, its the lwb twin turbo too, but auto at the moment
  11. sounded awesome if im honest haha
  12. cheers, yeh me too, had it 5 years now but sadly have not driven it, needs some work but ive never got round to getting it done, but will make a start the end of this year
  13. haha no i cannot mate, looking for april ready for insurance renewal, youll recognise the blue classic.....thats the 1 you belted passed on the 14 😂
  14. thanks bud, standard for now, just want it looking nice for my wedding later in the year, next year i will most likely look at a bit more power. i have a 300zx im yet to get sorted too so dont want to go too mad with it.
  15. Cheers, yeah i hope so, the landrover doesnt quite cut it the way a subaru does
  16. hi guys, new member from ipswich, on my 3rd subaru now 🙂 1st bought a classic wagon 2014 then another the following year, sold my last 1 3 years ago when i left my old job, what a mistake that was, ive wanted another ever since, and now have bought a Blobeye to fix up and put back on the road. i bought the blob with a knocking bottom end, and have since bought a replcement engine, gasket kit, cam + crank seals, timing kit etc, now just awaing the time to get it all together.